Thursday, September 1, 2011

Christmas in September: Let's Get Ready NOW

I'm with you, I don't like to think about Christmas and snow and cold-things this early! Hell, it won't cool down here in Florida for months.... But now is the time to get prepared for Christmas. What are you up to? Here's a quick run-down of my plans...

1. Drawing some surprises for my family...

I'm working on some secret special hand-drawn surprises for friends and family! I won't reveal all the details yet, but the drawings are designed to inspire them.

2. Making more gift sets for the antique store (And for my future Brick & Mortar!)

I want to make fun affordable gift sets and surprises for the antique store to make shopping fun for my regulars and increase sales. Expect some vibrant vintage holiday surprises and ideas soon!

3. Crafting up decorations and shiznit!

It's not a thrifty Christmas without hand-crafted decorations and gifts for my friends and family! The Antique Store Booth will need a Holiday Make-Over, too. I'll take photos and write tutorials so you can be inspired to make gifts and decorations!

4. Setting DEADLINES!

I want everything wrapped and ready to go by the end of SEPTEMBER. Yes, that's insane, but I want to spend time making sales and NOT rushing to get these done. There's a lot on my plate this year!

5. Giveaways and Advertising on Thrift Core.

I'm already starting to schedule fun Giveaways for you to enter here on Thrift Core! People will be looking for easy and fast gift solutions, so contact me  if you want exposure for your shops. I'd love to help!

Consider this your friendly reminder to be like me and work hard to get Christmas out of the way early. I'll have to with my shop plans, full time work, and a trip to Japan in the works! And I know you're busy, too!

What are YOU doing to get prepared for Holiday Hell this year?
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  1. Thanks for the reminder, so much to do, so overwhelming!

  2. Oh Vanessa, I've been thinking about Christmas since July! I have so much vintage Christmas stuff to sell and I can't decide where to put it... Etsy or Storenvy? Maybe I should hire you to help me decide? See... indecision!

  3. We are preparing as well...making homemade Scrabble ornaments, working with chalk cloth and I just received a load of vintage berry baskets for my girlfriend gifts! I always try to have an idea, make a decision and then I get to work!! I hate shopping in the big stores with the crowds!

  4. TYRaines: Good for you! If you have time, try both! That's maximum exposure to shoppers. If you have time for one, try Etsy- larger audience.

    Carla: Homemade Scrabble ornaments, cute! I avoid big stores and crowds like the plague, this year will be a creative Christmas if it kills me!

  5. Good advice Van. Maybe I should just try both! Selling and making stuff is always my motto. All the girls are getting pajamas made by me this year and with so many girls I need to get started this month.

  6. it's never holiday hell for me, i am a christmasholic. i usually make all my own christmas cards every year,(last year, i cut out christmas themed comic strips and made cards out of them - big hit!) but this year i've already decided that i'm going to buy mine all at the thrift shop where i volunteer and let folks know that they are thrifted. it feels even more environmentally friendly somehow (than making my own) and will save me time - and probably money.

  7. I shop all year at thrifts and yard sales for Christmas gifts. I like to be done by November, with just bits and pieces left to touch up gift bags. That way there's no stress or crowd fighting for the holidays - other than work! :/

  8. i really need to get one my christmas presents because i know it will take me forever to make them! i am going to make a photo album/ recipe book of my grandmothers yummy recipes for my family!

  9. Angelika: Very clever with the Christmas themed comic strips! I keep an eye out all year for gifts at the thrift store!

    Lori: I can't wait for my stress-free Holiday!

    cb: That's another super practical and fun idea, love that!

  10. ugh, van... how could you? ;) alright. i'll think about this. and i shall quickly forget it and enjoy autumn. then i'll remember this again mid-december in a panic and think... darnit! van was right!

    so smart to think well ahead.


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