Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unstyled Life: Organic Vintage Vignettes in my Living Room

I love a series on lifestyle blog Pancakes and French Fries called Unstyled Life where Jules shares candid scenes that came together organically in her home. I noticed the same thing happening in my house this week the flurry of activity related to the B&M and sweet gatherings with friends.

I like the way my unstyled life is coming together these days. Just like my home in these photos, my life is a hectic, colorful, and eclectic. Yet even if it's a little overwhelming, it all comes together as a harmonious whole. I'm grateful for all the changes and just keep rolling with the punches!

How are your reselling and creative efforts going?
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  1. Oh I DO like the picture hanging idea - am definitely stealing that [naturally and organically of course ;-)]. Your place has loads of character.

    (If you're interested in the thrifted swap this time, sign up has just opened, we need more folks in the US)

  2. Lakota: Do it! I love it :) And thanks for letting me know about the swap!

  3. Haha I was going to say the same thing about the hangers! Makes me wish I had picked up all those pants hangers at the St.Vinnie a week or so back. Darn!

  4. Becky: Secret for you...I always encounter many at My Brother's Keeper here in town!

  5. Love your inspiration board and those hanger too!

  6. Victoria: Thank you! The inspiration board is for my B&M and was made my our team. I leave it out to be inspired!

  7. I love your inspiration board <3 so many cute things to look at here :)

  8. Miss Lou: My team made it, they are AMAZING!

  9. My reselling is going nowhere. Minutes after setting up my etsy seller account my credit card companies fraud department called me & they canceled my card as they claim it had been comprimised. Have yet to get the new one. Soon.

    & what's that Mario box under your table? It looks like I would love it & be jealous of it. NES & Sega are the only two games I know how to play besides bowling on WII. & I love NES because it brings me back to magical days of my childhood when things were good.

  10. Sir Thrift-A-Lot: The Mario Box is a collection of Super Mario Brothers Trivia cards! It's one of my favorite curbside finds, found it and a ton of beautiful clothes (including a Trogdor the Burninator shirt!) in one shot!

    More photos can be seen here:

    I have the same warm fuzzy feelings about NES games, hence the large collection on display. I don't have time to play games lately, need to schedule time for it!

  11. Those quiz cards rock! I don't have time for NES games either, although I'll never stop buying.

    Well, until I have them all that is.


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