Friday, September 23, 2011

Lara Croft's Haggling Hints: Flea Market Scores on a Dime

This weekend's flea market hunting outfit was inspired by Tomb Raider's luscious Lara Croft, she's a professional badass and the ultimate antique hunter! It's like the costume was good luck, I scored a huge haul and kept finding Lara Croft-like accessories!

Summoning a Lara Croft approach, I haggled and came home with a great haul of vintage goodies for the best prices. Actually, I always do, silly "costume" or not. Here are my top Haggling Hints that will help you get the Lowest Prices at the Flea Market, too!

1. Have Change and Organize it Wisely

Bring plenty of cash because you never know if you'll have a block buster weekend, you could run out of funds before you know it! Keep ones and quarters accessible (perhaps in your pocket, front pocket of your purse, or in a fanny/side pack) and keep fives and bigger bills in your wallet or in another pocket. It's tricky to haggle when you pull out your cash and the vendor sees you have a wad of twenties!

2. Never Pay The Asking Price and Befriend Your Vendors...

 These two vendors are the SWEETEST! They had so much positive energy.

If you don't think the asking price is fair, don't pay it. Ask if they'll take a lower price. This is easier when you befriend your vendors. My favorite vendors give me free or discounted merchandise all the time, it's fun to give merchandise to people you make heart-to-heart connections with; I do it all the time!

3. ...Yet Don't Complain About the Price!

I don't like it when people complain about my "high prices" to me, you wouldn't like it if someone did that to you, so don't do it to the flea market vendors. You never know if what they're selling is a priceless family heirloom that's close to their hearts. There's no universal set of ethics for pricing and you don't have to pay their price. Just move on the next find. 

4. Don't Be THAT GUY....A Dick!

And remember, don't  be a dick! It's hard not to be a dick when you see a price you think is obscene at the flea market. Don't exclaim things like, "No way I'm paying $50 for that junk!" and be polite when your lower offer is refused. Walk out of earshot, THEN turn your friend and dish about the high prices, if you must ;)

5. SMILE! Have fun and make it a game

I love to laugh at the flea market. I also LOVE rabbits!

Haggling is fun. The vendors love the thrill of it as much as you do. Engage them, and have fun. When you're having fun you'll find the best vintage treasures and receive the best deals in return as a reward for your positive attitude. 

Now Get Thee to a Flea Market, Fellow Thrifty Tomb Raiders!
What are your favorite Flea Market Haggling Hints? Dish!

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  1. Hello from Ana's Archive Dive...looks like you have the thrift thing down to a T...thanks for sharing the fun photos and tips!
    Happy Hunting!

  2. Patty: I love hunting at the flea market!

  3. well, you're absolutely doing what you love. it is so obvious! thanks for sharing, van... happy fall!

  4. Ana: It's hard work that requires a lot of energy, but my passion for it keeps me going :)

  5. Jessica: I luuurve zee bunnies. :) I miss having one.


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