Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thrift Haul: Half Off and Dirt Cheap Labor Day Finds

You may have been wondering where my customary Thrift Haul post went this week. Holiday posts are always tricky for me, not just because I'm in the Holiday mindset, but because I save my thrifting for the Holiday Sales!

On Monday I hit two of my favorite thrift stores, each hosting epic 50% off Labor Day sales. With my mom and niece as my accomplices, I navigated thrift stores jam-packed with fellow bargain shoppers and scooped up treasures I'd had my eye on for months.

I've been eye-humping this nutty reliquary every time I shopped at The Thrift Center. I even came up with a name for it. I call it "Nuts on Nuts on Nuts" and that is what the tag will read when I add it to the booth at the antique mall. My odd finds tend to do well in the booth! (And lot of people call me "Nuts," what a coincidence! I can't imagine why!)

Then I found a huge stack of English language Shojo Beat magazines. These monthly publications serialize manga aimed at young girls (the sister to the Shounen Jump books, aimed at boys). I prefer graphic novels but I couldn't resist these at 9 cents each! After each book is enjoyed I'm going to use them for fun pop-art pieces and decoupage projects.

This set of vintage tumblers is another item I'd been eyeing for a while. I was happy to get them at a discount. $2.89 for a set of cute tiki-style vintage tumblers? I'll take it!

I don't normally shop for clothes but at half-off I scooped up a fun t-shirt, sexy top, and bebe pencil skirt (expensive brand!)

Detail on the shirt required. Godzilla! I'm not a teen but I'm still a monster. Rawr.

This final find is from my mom; she bought it for me while we were thrifting. Thanks mom for mocking my constant struggle with clutter! In all seriousness, I love this. All vintage hunters appreciate an inviting, lived-in space; and that's the cozy picture this plaque paints.

What did you find this weekend? Did you hit up any of the Labor Day sales?
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  1. So cool!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!! My daughter actually prefers the Shonen Jump mags and we seem to have pretty good luck finding them at sales out here. I didn't get anything spectacular this weekend, but yesterday I did nab an awesome vintage mirror with a beveled edge for $1.00 at the Habitat store. Cheapest one yet...adding to my collection.

  2. I need that frame with the messy quote. Story of my life!

  3. I love that frame hahaha I had great findings got me a velvet purple dress that is marvelous! Also a designer bag from spain and some books :)

  4. Those tumblers are fantastic! I love how they come together as a set even though each one is a different color. The plaque is so funny! It reminds me of the quote, "Don't make your space perfect, make it interesting." Great finds!

  5. Love the Garfield piece! You got some super great stuff!!

  6. Yes I was out on Labor Day. The two stores I went to also had 50% the entire store. It was a mad house! Love those tumblers :-)

  7. Carla: I like the Shonen Jump books better, too! Those are even easier to find at the thrift store. $1.00 is a score for a mirror any day!

    Kirsty: Me too, lucky find!

    Marcia: Oh, me too. It's the artist's way. We get to work and the mess follows.

  8. Miss Lou: That sounds amazing, especially the dress! I've gotta check out yuor blog and see the goods!

    Elisha: Oh, that's a good quote too. Definitely suits my aesthetic. ;)

  9. Nichole: It was a mad house here too, that was the longest I've ever waited in line at a thrift store. I was sick, too. Thrift addict!

    Lisa: The Garfield is a vintage planter, oops, I forgot to mention that. I will fill it with a cactus and add it to the shop. I love the muted color.

  10. Haha, the last one made my day! I am so making something with that quote, sums up my home so so well;)

  11. New follower from papernstitch! love your blog and ideals!

  12. I have that same set of tumblers I picked up at a yard sale with matching dishes!! I picked up other stuff and the guy looked in the box and let me have it for $5. Sold!!! Yard sales where I'm at are GREAT! much better than thrift stores around here-- the only downside is having to drive all over the place and country yard sales are separated by many many miles!


  13. Jodi: Thank you for the feedback and for following!

    Anonymous: I love yard sales and especially flea markets for finding lots of vintage at low prices these days. ;)


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