Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 Happy Days Project Progress- Join in and Get Your Happy On. Good for the Soul.

Some say hard work and dedication alone are the secret to success and happiness and that affirmations are hippie nonsense. I think it's both- you need a positive attitude toward life to go far, too. When I heard about the 100 Happy Days project of course I was game! Here are results people have reported from participating in this project:

I could go for a little of all that! I just ended a two year relationship and I'm feeling fatigued, I like the idea of pausing to reflect of my blessings once a day. To participate is simple, you snap a photo a day of something that makes you happy give yourself a moment to reflect on why. You can do this on your own in a notebook or share it online, I'm sharing mine daily on instagram. (using hashtag #100happydays) I may follow-up with weekly updates or share on at the end of the project, let me know if you'd like to see weekly updates every weekend or just a big one in 100 days this July!

Day 1) Morning writing, stimulant creativity flow, blissful self-employment. 
Day 2) Grateful to work part time in this little raw #vegan kitchen & nibble new dishes 
Day 3) Broke up w/ BF. Sad, but grateful my roomie is my best friend. Never alone. 
Day 4) Love packing colorful orders. They always come with a personal note. 
Day 5) Grateful to have an enduring life passion. Love hitting work "zen" flow.

I hope you join the challenge,Let me know your screen-name if you join in so I can watch your progress. I notice these posts get more likes, favorites, and comments. A positive attitude goes far and inspires others, this project is already a great reminder. Sign up on 100 Happy Days if you decide to join in.

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