Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your Top Biz Questions Answered: Boost Sales, Shipping Help, Leaving the "Day Job"

I continue to receive questions on starting an indie online business, reselling, and how I started this blog. I'm excited to be working on eBooks and planners for business owners behind-the-scenes that could help you make the dream of being your own boss a reality. This is where I need your help, though- what do you want to see in the book? What parts of the transition to independence are you struggling with? For new and old readers alike, here's a refresher Q&A. These are the top questions I'm asked about reselling/indie business owning/the blog.

1.) How can I sell at markets/fairs?
Your first step is to complete your line of inventory, you need a wide variety and goods and displays to sell well in-the-field.

2.) I'm scared high shipping prices will scare away a customer. What should I do?
Go with the accurate "high" shipping price. The person who really wants it won't care. If they refuse or ask for a discount they are not your ideal customer; don't take a loss.

3.) I'm trying and trying and not making enough money. What can I do?
The #1 problem is not getting your listing numbers up. Get as many listings as you can online on multiple income streams (try other websites to sell on), it will be a huge help. List like crazy.

4.) Should I sell vintage items in an antique mall?
I say it's always worth a try if you can get the rent inexpensively AND this antique mall has a lot of shoppers. I focus on online because I can get more money per item this way, but if you can set up a system selling locally it can be ideal. You have to try and see what works for you.

5.) How did you start "Thrift Core"?
I wanted a blog where I could write with my own voice when I was a ghost writer and picked "Thrift Core" as the name on a whim, it was unisex, I'm a lifelong frugal person, so it fit. I'm taking the blog back to its roots as a lifestyle blog. The name may change, but unlike the first incarnation I'll take my time choosing the new brand name! (I made it back in 2009!)

6.) How do I know it's ready to quit my day job?
When you have enough income from your side job to support yourself-- or when you just can't take it for another second. Necessity is the mother of invention, you will find an income to survive.

7.) How do I work up the nerve to leave the day job? It's scary!
The ONLY thing you will miss is the steady paycheck. It's not scary, what's scary is the thought of dying before you even tried to truly live for yourself and your dreams.

8.) How did you get so much traffic for your blog/online shop?
High quality content and photos are paramount. I know SEO but barely use its tricks my projects (other than items listings). I focus on writing content readers want at the best quality possible. Spark conversations, participate in other forums/blogs/groups actively and sincerely.

9.) Any tips for selling successfully on Etsy?
Participate in teams, list as many items as possible, try to list daily, take the best photos you possible can. Creative photography will get you far. Create a real brand.

10.) Any tips for selling successfully on eBay?
eBay is a true numbers game, list like crazy! I still take the best quality photos I can for eBay but it's not as important here to make sales. Get your numbers high on eBay and you will be successful.

I'll hope you'll check out my eBook when it's up! And of course, feel free to e-mail me if you need more detailed help with marketing your indie business or creating well-designed branding. Read my credentials here.

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