Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 in Review: Things Learned, Accomplished, and Discovered

2016 has been one of my most eventful years. This year I:

  • Finished certification in Reiki and Aromatherapy healing, found spiritual rituals that click 
  • Taught dozens of people on rituals and techniques for improving health
  • Sold hundreds of wares and connected with hundreds of people
  • Sold at dozens of outdoor markets, traveling around Florida for some of them
  • Donated sold and disposed of very likely hundreds of personal items
  • Ended CRAZY up-and-down partnerships and from there...
  • Saw my new business grow leaps and bounds, did LOTS of outdoor markets and from there...
  • Grew our brand to the point that we could expand into our first little brick and mortar store!

This year I discovered:

  • My path as a healer in the community and beyond selling essential oil and herbal infused products, something I've always been drawn to and now work full-force on
  • That I'm a designer at heart and need to hone and practice that skill far more often
  • That I need to be in my community and with friends more, and work less
  • My "Style" through LOTS of ruthless editing, always under development 
  • RE-discovered some lost confidence as a maker and business owner
  • That I don't have to be everything to everyone and TRYING to do that is fruitless
  • Finally, near the end of year, though it still needs lot of work, how to run a business with a boyfriend, delegate more, and not kill each other! (We're still together, our relationship survived the whirlwind year!)

2016 has been a year that moved slow AND fast in some ways. Time "slows down" when you have lots of new experiences and there's been plenty of those this year. New classes, lots of selling at outdoor markets, wild partnerships that didn't work, dozens of mistakes, lots of little and big victories. It's crazy to look back at even February because I'm a completely different person than I was at the start of the year.

I know 2017 will be even better, we're already planning and plotting and I can't wait to keep improving and making things happen! How was this year for you?
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  1. Phewww what a year Van! Looking back you have done tons, worked your butt of so you deserve all good things that is happening to you :)

    I dont think I could work with partner, it would be a mess. But as a social worker and him a psychologist we could work together:P well, never say never and I can always use your tips hehe

    Happy new year, a path of light and love!

    1. Thanks Marta, we're going to keep working! Working with your partner is hard on the relationship, there will be fights, but we both are good at squashing them quickly. He's a gym trainer/sporty type and I'm the artsy/hippie one so you'd think it wouldn't work but it does. It's so cool you and your partner have a similar background, but working together's not for everyone. This year we're excited to take more breaks and do things together non-work related finally, haha.

  2. I've been following your blog throughout the year, so know how incredibly busy you've been! So many accomplishments and kudos to you for going into business with your boyfriend :) To a fantastic new year!

    1. Same to you Duni, you're always crazy busy and productive as well. :)

  3. Wow! This has been a wonderful year for you, Vanessa:) What an accomplishment. I think that's so amazing that you and your boyfriend are doing the business together! Here's to an even better 2017!

  4. What a great year you had Vanessa! I love the realization of rediscovering your confidence as a maker and business owner. That is one of those things that always seems to have ups and downs. I wish confidence always stayed up! My year was pretty amazing too. I am working on that blog post. :) Wishing you an even better 2017!

    1. Glad you had an awesome year! Totally agreed, it's hard or maybe impossible to constantly keep confidence and inspiration up as creative business owner but I'm glad to have the fire back and to keep feeding it.


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