Friday, December 16, 2016

DIY Retro Apothecary Herb and Tea Wall : Bucket List Dream Accomplished!

It's finally done! I put so many hours into making our herb wall! I think I've wanted my own giant wall of herbs to play with since early childhood picking and smelling herbs in my mom's garden. The desire grew while doing herbalism training.

We're still adding all of the bulk-buy herbs and supplements we have it stock but it feels so good to have all the ones I've already finished on the wall and labeled.

I was going for a simple, clean, vintage apothecary look for these. Each one is loaded with information on each herb, it was a nice refresher to look up everything about each one again.

And now a behind-the-scenes look at the mess of making them! I designed the labels in photoshop and them up with the paper cutter so everything was very uniform.

And then I replaced the sticky notes on top of the jars (ha!) with the beautiful new labels! Random fact, you have to put the scientific of latin name with herbs because they all have so many common names, the latin name is the only way to know which one it truly is.

And then I realized the jars didn't have proper branding on them so I made some custom black labels for the tops.

Our class space/herb wall is still in its infancy but it's so nice to have the first big step done. We're going to have containers on the bottom people can buy for making their own products, herb tea blending classes, and I'm going to pre-package some of my own tea blends for common ailments like colds, headaches, anxiety, and menstrual issues. There's already been a very positive response in the community for our bulk-buy herbs and custom blending/product making, it's so nice to help people get better with gentle, healing herbs! If you want to buy some of the herbs online go here we kept our prices affordable while selecting organic, high quality herbs.
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  1. I'm loving the look of these! Well done! The simple clean look is awesome :)
    What a pleasant space for your students to take classes in!

    1. Aw, thanks Duni. I'm trying to add more art to the walls and make it super cozy.

  2. The display wall is just beautiful, Vanessa. I love the clean look, and the same goes as well for the packaging. The labels remind me of the old-school apothecary bottles a lá Kiehl's...well done!

    1. Oh wow I hadn't even heard of Kiehl's, that's awesome! They have nice branding indeed :)

  3. Replies
    1. I want that to be the new name of my business but OutKast must be here to perform it live daily :D

  4. The herb wall is beautiful. I love the labels. I could not live without my Fiskars paper cutter for my business. It is perfect for tag making! Tea blending classes sounds like such a great idea.

    1. My friend and I were talking about that, we love our damn paper cutters! They're so helpful, wish I had them for design classes. I hate the exacto knife/straight edge method, the paper cutter is so easy with a polished result.

  5. that is amazing.. everything looks fantastic.. yay!


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