Monday, December 12, 2016

My Current Favorite Artists and Art Print Wish List for our Local Herb Shop and Home

Beautiful art on the walls is the homiest things to be, perhaps besides natural textures like woods and textiles. I love our decision to paint the walls of our store white but it needs some color and handmade charm! As part of my resolution from last year I've been spending more time trying to curate my "style" as a designer/writer/brand-maker and framed art on the walls has a "vision board" affect for me helping me arrive at the right stimuli.

Yes I over-think everything, here's a smattering of art prints from Etsy I really love and want to invest in for my new space! And my empty now-empty home space!

1) Laura George Rich in ritual, symbolism and the connections between people with a consistent color palate throughout, I want a piece by Laura above our herb wall because herbs themselves are folkloric with ritualized and symbolic use. We've passed them down through the generations, using them is getting back to our roots.

2)Ashley Ronning Illustration I love the space and botanical themes in this art, perfect for a shop that makes plant-based medicine. I'm normally not a pink fan but there's something soothing about the shade she uses.

3) Pam Wishbow I love the blocky textured look of these art prints and zines and the witchy/occultism themes. They remind me of Weidman prints.

4) The Dancing Cat Beautiful animated linework and poses, as whimsical and random as the real cuddly critters in our lives. I picked the cats around the fire pieces because the maximum coziness factor.

5) Little Truth Studio Nature theme art with a painterly look that's colorful and positive, what's not to love about it? Too charming, I want those vibes in my life.

6) Scout & Whistle I've admired this shop for years, I'd love one of each of everything in the shop please! I'd especially like a large one of those gorgeous, graphic, colorful gemstone prints.

7) Ybryksenkova Mood and color tone define the pieces in this shop. With detailed patterns in the prints a unique style and a lot of emotion you can see why her prints have become so popular.

8) Native Bear An accurate reproduction of those blocky, earthy designs from the late 60s early 70s with a modern bohemian twist. I adore everything she makes.

9) Moon Menstrual Calendar The one truly "practical" item on the list. So gorgeous. I love everything else in the shop too and the earthy/woodland/boho aesthetic.

10) Steph Buscema may be my favorite artist in that 60s neo-rockabilly colorful vein. I'd love a mini gallery wall of some of her Halloween pieces. Again I'm stretching here to fit in the studio because, you know, witches and herbs. Her work is so charming and reminds me of beisley holiday decor, something I'd love admiring all-year round.

11) Littlelow I love the bright clean look of this artwork. I want the print selected mostly as a personal reminder! And positivity on the walls is good luck in my book.

12) Matou En Peluche Such style! Soft in a vintage art deco style and cat-based, every piece is gorgeous.

If you have any art piece/print suggestions let me know in the comments! Are there other amazing places to buy prints and originals from artists? Do share those, too! What's your favorite in the pieces above, if you can possible pick one?
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  1. These are all great prints, Vanessa. Awesome picks for sure:) You know....this is the first time I've seen that moon menstrual calendar....pretty cool.

    1. It's super useful, I don't get pronounced pms symptoms and I always neglect to mark my calendar so my period is alway an unpleasant surprise, haha.

  2. Such diverse selections! I love 11. There is something about having daily reminders around like that. I look forward to seeing what you add to your walls.

    1. I love positive reminders too, they help throughout the day.

  3. omg thanks for sharing Matou En Peluche with us, love love love love! I am favoriting her shop right this minute.

    1. No prob, this year has been the year of art hunting for me for sure :D Missed it. Her work is amazing.

  4. I guess I need the 10th one for this Halloween. They are all beautiful!
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