Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My First Christmas Tree and Decorations: Nostalgic Attic Christmas "Shopping"

This year my plans to create some gorgeous new-aged themed ornaments may have been derailed by an evil cold from hell. Regardless, I got some decorating in before the cold was at its worst. I'm not the biggest Christmas person, Halloween is my holiday, but this year for the first time we got a Christmas tree. I was invited to my mom's attic to pick through the nostalgic ornament that weren't on the tree to put out for our first time fully decorating for Christmas in maybe 6-7 years, haha!

I'm calling this year's mismatched modge-podge tree the "nostalgia" tree. All of the ornaments ae from the 80s and 90s.

This creepy christmas glitter clown was my mom and dad's first ornament 36 years ago. I don't know what possessed them to buy it but I've always been fascinated by it as a kid. Yep, I'd spent what felt like hours looking at our ornaments and the blinking lights on the tree.

My parents had super long strings of light they weren't using so I strung them all over the hilariously now-kinda-empty (all the stuff's in the store, even our table's chairs, haha! more on that later) apartment. They had some colorful ones too that I'm going to hang on the store windows soon.

And then this god's eye! I miss making these. So funny I'm still attracted to that color pattern, I have 2 things in my closet with the same exact colored stripes!

We kind of wanted a real tree but we hate for it to go to waste so we got real wreathes on clearance. The scent brings me right back to the years I helped my mom sell christmas trees in a garden center. Pine as a tree or essential oil is still one of my all-time favorite scents anytime of the year. I need to fix the bottom stocking, they were both gifts from AJ's mom last year, she made them out of wood!

In the end "nostalgia" tree is doesn't match or make sense but it's composed of handmade and other randomness from Christmas past, and that's the most important part. Now that we have our first "big" tree I'm looking forward to some ornament crafting every year.

And THIS one can look forward to knocking things off the tree! I'm lucky she has no interest in climbing it.

It's nice to document this Christmas in particular with a new store and routine. A cold hit the house and we're working like crazy. AJ has the night shift and I'm at the store during the day so I joke we're like "ships passing in the night" (it's not that dramatic, haha) and we're on a pretty damn strict budget because I want to put as much money a possible back into growing out business, but it's new and invigorating and crazy in those your-definitely-growing ways. I want to spent the year casually looking for more vintage Christmas so next year's decor is gaudy and crazy in that 60s-70s awesomely kitschy way!

I hope your holiday isn't too hectic and that you're enjoying downtime and not catching the ick that's going around! I'm taking the 23rd (Friday) off to go to St. Augustine and a white elephant party with AJ (our first day fully off together in months) but I'll be at the store on Christmas Eve if you want to swing by for any last-second goodies, I have all the body care goodness you can imagine. The deodorants/toothpastes/personal care kits and even the bulk buy herbs have been popular this season. (The store's at 2726 College St. Jax, FL 32204 - call 904-660-8328 if lost)

Otherwise I'm signing off until Monday the 26th with my crazy schemes to take over the world! Just kidding, new years is one of my favorite holidays so I'll be reflecting on that.

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