Monday, January 9, 2017

KonMari Purged Living Room "Before" + Plans for Impact and Coziness on a Budget

Hello (lo..lo...) that's the echo, because my apartment's half-empty! Now that I have a store that houses all my business-stuff my living room is empty as hell! Imagine the scenario, you've been working your ass off selling your wares for years out the small space above, moving boxes from here to there to everywhere in your little workspace to accommodate the volume. You've also spent years decluttering personal possessions.

Now, six years later, you have what you want, you have a store and your home is a sexy minimalist dojo. You could host yoga or karate classes in that lovely zen wet-dream negative space emptiness. What do you do with it? The past year I've casually browsed arts, crafts, design blogs and magazines; carefully curating. The "fun" part is here, I have a new room to play with and shop (small, local & second-hand) for!

Below are my picks for adding maximum impact and coziness to an empty space on a budget. I can't wait to host more gatherings in my living space that is now purely for living and not just working!

1 & 9 ) The Woven Dream Factory : I'm on the look-out for large macrame and/or art tapestries to fill my wall space. My apartment has very tall ceilings and the texture from these earthy wall hangings will 'warm' the space up without a lot of work or investment.

2) Kanso Shelf Perhaps a nice shelf to display inspiring books and curios would be nice. Minimal Mod style, of course.

3) LP Shelving the best record shelving ever would be nice. Just need a shag rug underneath as displayed below. I'm dying at the speakers on all sides in this 60s advertisement! Do the groovy lovers trip over all the wires when they stand up? Does it tangle in their fabulously feathered hair?

I'm very tempted to get rid of my tall table and just have a shag rug on the floor to lay on with a pile of books and some Prince and Michael Jackson records. After lots of meditation classes I feel like sitting cross legged or laying on the floor is the most comforting, natural thing.

4 & 5) Lisa Junis & Licorice Moon Studios My eye is out for unique/beautiful pottery pieces and cups/mugs to use in the space.

6) Danish Lounge Chairs I saw these exact chairs at a nearby antique store, they're so beautiful. The size fills a space nicely, they're practical and they're a nice pop of color.

7) Sea Grass Basket A couple of big baskets with plants add that natural element without being too expensive.

8) Handmade Rug I'm probably going to invest in a white fluffy rug. The issue with this is that I would have to roll it up every day when in not in use to prevent Yuko damage. She absolutely cannot be trusted alone with it.

10) Vintage Halloween Latch Rug Always going to keep my eye out while thrifting for anything very unique and kitschy. Especially holiday decor, trying to collect a lot of vintage pieces. Holiday kitsch is pretty much the only thing I'm collecting now.

11) Pam Wishbow Spiritual/unique artist wares like altar cloths warm up a space nicely and add some luck, according to feng shui principles.

Now you see my plan, minimal furniture elements, texture, and handmade to cozy-up a space and add impact for less. You may see some DIY versions of the items above over the coming months, but I'm excited to support some local and Etsy artists along the way. You don't need a whole lot of stuff to make a space feel cozy, I'm excited to share how this space transforms this year. And of course, to use it, too!
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  1. This IS the fun part! Love your style V, can't wait to see what you come up with x

  2. Ooh, I love your plan! I can't wait to see it happen!!


    1. Thanks Tania! It'll be relaxing working on it and building it up this year. And using it along the way :D

  3. These are beautiful pieces, Vanessa, and would totally go so well in your space. Sigh....just beautiful. I would love our living room to look like this, but frankly, even after I did KM, I don't think it's impossible right now with three young kids and a hubby:P I will just live vicariously through you:D

    1. Yeah I'd wager that's hard if not impossible with kiddos around, haha :D I'm lucky my boyfriend and roomie are minimalists themselves. They only have one thing each in the living room, haha.

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