Friday, January 27, 2017

My Top Favorite Micro Homes from the Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine, Florida

My heart has cooled from the rapturous glee I experienced during the Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine so that I may write. Time was needed to sort through hundreds of photos with a stoic, editorial eye! I loved elements of every single tiny house I saw but there's no time to share them all, so we're looking at a countdown of my favorites.

But first, a bit about the Tiny House Festival as a whole. We were unprepared for the size and scope of this event! It was packed even on its final day, many houses had lines for seeing the interiors, and the amount of homes on display was boggling! I was picturing a tiny lot with houses in my head, I underestimated the popularity of micro homes. What was once a subculture now has its own shows on HGTV!

The homes were divided into different sections with adorable illustrated signs, too!

1) The tiny cozy pod micro homes may be my favorite of all. No maintenance. No fuss. Living in one you'd be forced to be outside in the world more. Picture yourself always at cafes, parks, on hikes, at events, with friends, really living. Without having to constantly clean/organize things you would REALLY free up a lot of time to be productive in one of these babies! Not practical and one would probably get sick of it over time but I dunno, something like this calls to me!

The inside of this one is so cozy and womb-like, and I love the natural textures and simple homey touches of the basket and macrame piece.

2) For a more practical living or camping situation, this one has the option of a stove, fridge, and mini-sink all packed in a tiny space!

And the inside has an an air conditioner too! Very cozy living for one in there. Two would be tough!

3) Super bright, shiny, kitshcy retro isn't my very favorite aesthetic anymore, but I'll always have a soft spot for it. I would still take and move into this beauty in the heart beat!

This beauty has an amazing kitchen situation.

A gorgeous bar/storage right next to it.

Cute matching storage above.

The rest is a seating area that converts to beds. This one is pretty damn perfect. Someone sponsor one for me, such a gorgeous creation, this thing.

4) Now for a look less of a "dream" of vintage (the one above exists in a happy never-existed medium of 60s-70s aesthetics) let's look at the real thing. The owner of this camper kept it completely period-accurate down to the accessories inside. This was real 70s camping luxury and it was expensive as hell when it first came out.

I love 70s earth tones, so homey. The neo-colonial styles (perhaps neo-conservatism to combat those damn hippies?) isn't my favorite style but all together something about it really appeals to me.

We had those tupperware! Even though I was born late '86 I remember the world looking a lot like above. Dark, dark wood paneling everywhere, lots of brown and earth tones.

The roped off sleeping area and bathroom beyond. Fully mirrored, lots of gold flecks abound.

 The fern, so 70s! The photo is the owner and her husband in the 70s. She looked pretty much the same so I thought those were her parents!

5) And now an actual micro house! This "big" (by micro house standards) guy was custom built by the owner and clearly loved and lived in with lots of personality.

The spacious top bunk. So cozy! I'll move right into this one too, thanks! I'll always have a soft for turquoise and TexMex/Mexican/Central American art, textiles and style. I'll pull my half-Mexican card out on that one.

Downstairs when you walk in past a little living area there's the kitchen and shower.

The right wall when you first walked in, with the TV you've got everything you need in a tiny space!

6) Gotta give a shout-out to a micro home with self-portraits on the back! Hilarious and perfectly south Florida kitschy tacky galore.

The view straight in from the back. 

Another look at the kitchen beyond. There's a little TV, desk, fridge, microwave, all the comforts of home on the road!

7) This guy has so many details it could really qualify for a post of it's own. Look hard! Note..

It has its own little mini out front, aah! And it's own white picket fence and period-accurate lawn furniture! Minis, I love minis! Forgive my lack of color-correcting today, so...busy...

Rubber chicken, color, kitsch, I love it.

Little dinette, period details, so lovely! They did an amazing job restoring it and adding some modern dreamy kitschy interpretation of vintage Americana.


8) This is one of the vendors, he sets up at my neighborhood art market, Riverside Art Market with his Renaissance-themed journals and accessories.

He brings the fairy tail micro home with him and it is too damn beautiful! Such tiny tudor on wheels, it is perfection.
* * *
A tiny home-on-the-go couldn't be more in line with Buddha's concept of "The Middle Way", madhyama-pratipad. It's a concept of living in balance. You don't deprive yourself, but you also don't live in excess luxury, either. It allows for maximal concentration on cultivating compassion for others and seeking enlightenment. For spiritual, emotional, and creative reasons I can really see myself living in a micro home. It's so inspiring to have expos to view them in the meantime. Maybe one day...'til then I will continue to inspired by them on the web!
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  1. This event must have been so fun! They are all such adorable little homes. They are not for me however I really admire those who can live with such small quarters. I consider myself somewhat of a minimalist but need my own space and to not feel cramped.

    1. No problem with that, it's not for everyone. ;D

  2. I definitely could live in #5, love the color he painted the interior. The camping pod #1 would be my choice of recreation vehicle. I think you can pull those with a car as they are very light.

    1. The color is so perfect, I will always love that shade. And yep the camping pod can probably be car-towed, it's so tiny.

  3. What a cool exhibition! Amazing attention to detail in house #7. I would probably choose to live in it during the summer months, but not all of the time ;-)

    1. There was so much detail in that one, I took so many photos :O

  4.! How amazing are these homes?!?! Thanks for sharing these pics, Vanessa:) I first saw one of these in the documentary Minimalism, and have been fascinated by the concept of living in such a small space ever since. I told my hubby when the kids are older and it's just us, we should totally do this!:D

    1. I was smitten at first sight with the concept of micro living. I'd go crazy trying with kids but as a single or couple totally doable :D

  5. Replies
    1. There were so many and I loved all of them :D


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