Wednesday, January 4, 2017

KonMari Method for New Years: My Favorite for Organized, Peaceful Creative Living

Do you find yourself constantly "organizing"? It may feel like no matter what you do your clutter returns and every new year you're making a resolution to finally end it. That was me until I discovered the KonMari method. Mess happens, that's just life with a new business, but I ALWAYS go back to the KonMari method to get my life right back in perfect order. It gets things 100% confronted with and back in order. I feel cleansed, zen, and at peace when I'm done. Take it from someone who makes a disaster every time she crafts had a job where boxes of stuff filling an apartment was part of the gig, it's the ONLY thing that's worked for me.

I'm going to write more about using the KonMari method practically in our home and for business soon but I wanted to re-cap the previous posts I've written on the subject for those who missed it. Or you can look back at my crazy mess and how it's been resolved for some new years purging and decluttering inspiration!

My First KonMari Purge: I go through the entire crazy process in real-time step-by-step and get rid of a LOT of stuff!

(Donation pictured above. That's over 15 bags and boxes. And I'd keep doing this periodically and getting rid of more, I just did another one on new years day this year!)

Spark Joy Giveaway: After I did the method the first time I hosted a giveaway sharing some of my favorite things that didn't Spark Joy. Just felt right to pass it on to another who would adore them.

KonMari Results & FAQ Talking about the results of my first purge and answering the common questions about the method.

Fully KonMari'd Home Tour I shared this post early last year and it ended up being the most-viewed of 2016. It's crazy for me to look back on this because I've already gotten rid of more since these photos and my home's changed a lot since.

Becca's Beautiful KonMari'd Home took a break to share the gorgeous, spotless, KonMari'd home of a portrait photographer

My Favorite Things, a Mega Art KonMari Sale this was the 3rd and most significant time I went through everything I owned and purged using the KonMari method. This time I was finally truthful about some art and things I was holding on to that just didn't spark joy the way they used to.

It was really hard to part with these things but ultimately for the best. Like the post says, I felt liberated once the painful parting was done. I hosted a super sale for the art on Facebook and my blog, sold the rest at a yard sale, put the rest into my business and haven't looked back. It was neat to assemble the photos for the sale because it was like making a gallery of my previous self.

I'll be back with more KonMari posts and guides and of course more general organization and productivity posts to inspire for the new year! For now I have to run around and make a mess to prepare for a lot of upcoming outdoor markets, and then of course, use my favorite method to pick the mess back up! /Comments Off
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