Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Resolutions 2017: Travel, Art, Make, Work-Life Balance, Slowing Down

Last year we worked our asses off and it was fruitful. I'm beyond blessed that creativity (and playing with deliriously fragrant herbs and essential oils) gets to be my full-time work, but it's led to creative burn-out. Just-for-fun trips were cancelled. I stopped enjoying photography and crafting. This year I intend to make just living and creating, slowly and with gratitude, a priority. Working less in concentrated bursts, and living more.

1) Make cooking all meals at home FUN again with new recipes and ingredients from around the world. Edit: forgot to add, we're cooking all of our meals at home again to save up to buy art and put money into our growing business too.

2) Take time to leisurely make and share (NOT SELL) art, crafts, and designs.

3) Design the store, my apartment, and friend's/volunteer's spaces to a refined conclusion. Design practice! Plus therapeutic! I'll be helping others declutter and design their spaces. If you want help or even virtual support e-mail me.

4) Go to as many events (non-work, local and beyond) as possible!

5) Get OUT and explore in nature and the neighborhood. Travel! Take pictures while I'm at it.

6) Meditate, practice gratitude and my reiki/tarot studies.

7) Visit gym four days a week. My prior enthusiasm fizzled and I was down to two.

8) Track every personal cent spent carefully. I track business costs but give up on personal tracking quickly. Not this year!

9) Plan hang-outs, parties and events with friends, family, and the community, dammit!

10) Keep being uncomfortable, because that means we're in our "growth zone" and learning. (More on that here.) I've got some classes tentatively scheduled with the downtown library and want to keep scheduling things that pushes me to the limit as a person.

I'm already so clean and refreshed for this new year! Let's hit the "reset" button and get to work on those goals and dreams! What are your resolutions for 2017? I'll admit the "get outside stop working too hard" has been one of mine for years now but this year I'm finally going to squash it! And of course you know me, look out for workbooks and guides in coming posts to help with all of the above and then some.
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  1. Great goals! I love your focus on living and creating for 2017. Being present and enjoying what's right in front of you every day is so important. I'll have a goals post up on my blog next week!

  2. I'll check them out when you put them up :)

  3. Happy New Year.. good luck with your goals!

  4. These are great goals, Vanessa. I especially agree about keep being uncomfortable. I have it ingrained in my head that saying "always try do do something scary". I honestly think it's what keeps life interesting and helps us learn, you know?
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones:)

    1. Thanks Emmy! We all tend to stay in our comfort zones, glad you have it ingrained in your mind. I need to do the same!

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