Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 7 Deadly Thrifting Sins

Do you feel like you don't have much luck in the thrifting game? Want to improve the quality of your thrift hunts? Watch out for these 7 Deadly Sin and hunt for your thrift store items with success.

1. Not bringing your Thrift List.

Take inventory your needs and wants. This will be your thrift list; don't go to the thrift store without it! You'll stay inspired to hunt for what you need and if you're lucky you won't forget an item. 

2. Not being in the thrift mood.

If you're not in the mood, you won't make the passionate thrift love and find mounds of thrift goodness. You have to have creativity and see the potential in the piles of thrift store junk. You have to be in the mood for thrift loving. See my Top 3 Tips for Thrift Lovemaking for more tips.

3. Buying it just because it's cheap.

If you won't use it, don't buy it. If you don't need it, don't buy it. If you are not going to resell it, don't buy it. Only buy what you're passionate about, only buy what you're sure to use or resell for a profit. Don't be seduced by the low prices at every turn or you might end up on an episode of Hoarders.

4. Paying more than the item is worth.

You may want a thrift or antique store item with all your soul, but stop and think first. Can you find this at another store for a lower price? Is this item really going to change your life?  Is this a rare, hard-to-find item? Don't impulse buy, Lovely Lady Thrift may grant you the item for a lower price on another day.

5. Buying what you won't use.

If you're not going to use it, don't buy it. Kind of like the art piece but not enough to hang it? Take a picture and move on. Don't buy what you won't use or proudly display or it'll just be junk clogging up the works at your house.

6. Rushing Through the Aisles.

I've said it in my Top 3 Tips for Thrift Lovemaking post and I'll say it again, rush and you won't find shit. Take your time slowly going through the aisles. Go through each box, go through the stuff others won't, like a dusty or dirty box. This is where the real treasures lie. If you rush, you'll miss them. 

7. Giving in to retail.

You may think you'll never find the exact piece your looking for. Maybe you're looking for the perfect couch or side table. If time isn't a factor, don't give into retail. Don't pay hundreds or thousands when you can get an item for dirt cheap or even free.

Final Tips: Haunt Craigslist, haunt the "Free" section of Craigslist, and continue to thrift. You'll find or even make what you need with a little creativity and patience.


  1. Popping in from Welcome Wednesday! You've got a new follower. Love this post and love this blog! I NEVER go thrifting unless I have lots of time to leisurely poke around.

  2. this are amazing tips! as an avid thrift store hunter these soo ring true!!!


  3. Great tips and you are so right about #6 - the longer I stay at a thrift store the better the finds! Great stuff here.

  4. Very good tips. I've lingered there too long and gotten tired, so put my stuff down and not purchased it.

  5. Hi, I'm a new "Welcome Wednesday" follower. Great blog!

  6. Found you from Welcome Wednesday. Now following you! Great blog!


  7. Very good hints. I constantly say to myself--are you going to use this? I'm starting to sound like my husband!!

  8. Great tips, thanks so much for sharing them. I find I have a love for thrifting.

    I'm a new follower and found you through WW!

  9. Stopping by from Welcome Wednesday. Im already a THRIFT store lover. Following you and looking forward to sharing tips.

  10. Amy- better you say it to yourself than you husband say it to you. Oh, the nagging.. :)

  11. 7 is such a nice number, but if you do ever expand your list, don't forget to throw in "Shopping Distractedly" - shopping while gabbing away on your cellphone lends to a non-productive shopping trip and a half-hearted experience.


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