Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crafting the Perfect Chore Board

The day job is busy and I'm more driven that ever to achieve several personal and business goals. The result of this ambition: pain! I'm burned out. Right now I'm experimenting, trying to craft the perfect "Chore Board' that will set me on the right track and keep me motivated daily. This dry erase board is the beginning (the final result will be more attractive, of course!)

I have a bottomless well of ideas for blog posts and can't wait to edit them, perfect them, and roll them out. But for this week, things may be a little slow. I'll share my progress on my goal to craft the perfect "Chore Board"- if it can keep me in line it could work for anyone!

Do you have the perfect chore board you use daily? Share the link to it in the comments! Help! 


  1. I love the ME section of your chore board. Scheduling sleep as a chore. I should do that too. That is definitely one that will keep me motivated. LOL!

  2. No - I don't have one. Yes - I need one.

    Maybe I'll watch you work it out and then reap the benefits.. :)

  3. Oh and I think sleep is a treat, not a chore!

    Maybe we need chore/treat boards - much like the reward charts we do for our kids actually!!

  4. Your chore board looks super busy! It's a great idea though, one I really should do.

  5. I have a "control center" that I use to keep me motivated. It has my monthly calendar, plus a daily and a weekly checklist, as well as important numbers & my weekly meal plan. I included a picture of it on my post on speed cleaning. Here's the link:

    I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday. Stop by when you get a chance!


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