Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bedroom Transformation: Before & After

I've slowly been improving my bedroom over the past couple of months since we visited it on this blog.

BEFORE SHOT: The bedroom now feels more full and cozy.

I'll be continuously making changes but I'm pleased with the progress so far. I want to hang more art but the wire mesh behind the plaster of this walls makes it very difficult. I've broken several nails and thumbtacks trying to nail into these walls!

The bed was free, it was languishing in my mom's garage. I painted it from plain pine to a gray blue color. The beautiful Lydia painting was purchased from an art show I participated in.

Sewing some new curtains is on my to-do list. I happened to have the current plain ones on hand and they were pretty much the only ones I could hang without curtain rods. They're just tied to the blinds, actually! Gotta fix that when I have some time...

I re-purposed the easy message board from last week into a jewelry organizer. If the art on this wall looks a bit imbalanced it's because I used nails that were in the wall. Damn that impenetrable plaster! I crave more art of these walls!

The coziest part of the bedroom is still the desk area, which I went through a transformation of its own. I'll get this bedroom "right" one day, but for now, time to sleep in my actual "bed" (no longer a mattress and box spring on the floor)

Note: It's kind of embarassing showing the room in this state, for me it's "half finished" and plain. I'll share more "room transformations" as they come.

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  1. Love your room makeover, you have great eclectic taste and you are making me yearn for more precious time to work on our house.. am also loving digging back through your posts to find out more, thanks for all the links :)

  2. Looks so much more cozy!! Very nice!! I love the desk area!

  3. I'm your newest follower! I love the new look. I'm trying to redo my bedroom right now too. I was thinking of doing something similar with all my necklaces. Now that I've seen how good yours looks, I'm going to make mine!

  4. Van, your room is gorgeous. You have so many interesting items and they all work well together with your styling finesse.

    Your bed spread is to die for. swoon.

  5. I appreciate the kind words! Especially when I feel straight-up embarrassed "showing off" a room I feel is plain and half-finished.

  6. I love it! It looks so cute.

    I found your blog on Follow me Back Tuesday! Have a great night.


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