Monday, September 13, 2010

Alpha & Omega Thrift Store

Behold the Alpha and Omega Thrift Store, this beauty just opened and it's directly next to my "hidden thrift store" (where I got my awesome art bits and earlier, a fun vintage haul) at my favorite beach, Vilano Beach. It was closed when I visited on Sunday but I could see excellent treasures within.

This beautiful Spanish-style building has been unoccupied forever, I'm excited that a thrift store moved in and I hope it's going to be successful. They're even holding a raffle for a vintage car! From what I could tell bv looking inside, the prices look reasonable.

I declare Saturday of next week my "Thrifting in Saint Augustine" day. I encourage any Jacksonville readers to come along; why not? Let's make it a party!

I also stopped at my secret pretty thrift store for a peek and found a treasure I'll discuss in another post. I'll hint that I made an unintelligible squeal that made me friends jump and run for cover when I uncovered this sought-after object in the pile of prettiness pictures above.

I found this beautiful picnic basket filled with vintage pretties. It was priced nicely, but I resisted. I haven't used the picnic baskets I already own, why buy another? Though I still consider going back for this quality one with its sexy vintage bits...

What would you do
? Go back for it, to at least obtain and possible resell the cool kit? Or leave it for another collector with the picture as a memory?

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  1. There aren't many good thrift stores around me, so I'm jealous. There is a Goodwill every five feet, but they always price too high.

  2. Yes indeed, Goodwill prices are getting out of hand. I love our local thrift stores that make bargains. I'm grateful to have so many thrift stores and options available here in Florida.

  3. I'd have bought it immediately. I love picnic baskets with the picnic items in them - and I do use mine! What was the price?

  4. I believe it was $11. I need to start using mine while the weather is this nice!

  5. Go back, go back, go back. Cool colors and those thermoses are awesome.

  6. I've been really getting into thrift stores lately. I hope you go back and get that picnic basket--

  7. Brexton! Sirram! Very re-saleable item even if it's not quite something for you. But I think that it's high time we bring back the old-fashioned picnic!

  8. Ruby- nice to know! But I agree, outdoor meals are beautiful. I miss them!


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