Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabric Art: Calling the Unicorn

"Calling the Unicorn" 21x25
Margaret A. England

A couple of months ago on a particularly stressful work day I took a late lunch break and escaped to a thrift store to unwind. It was a Friday evening and Goodwill was packed. There were interesting art bits everywhere. I was jealous looking in at the uncovered treasures other shopper's carts, which had never happened to me while thrifting before. That's when I found "Calling The Unicorn". 

A professionally printed label on the back of the piece reveals information about the artist. The title, "Calling the Unicorn," is hand-written. The number "130" and the word "Medieval" are also written haphazardly.

When I first saw it (exactly as pictured above) my first reaction was to laugh earnestly at the overtly saccharine scene. But there's something very frank about the scene and the character's expressions. I'm not drawn to pastel art, but this one is sophisticated with expert execution.

You can see from the craftsmanship that this fabric artist was skilled. There are various layers and types of fabric and excellent use of texture. The result is something that resembles real medieval tapestry without being too cloyingly cute like most products aimed at children.

I don't know who doomed this art to purgatory in the thrift store, but I'd love to send this out to someone who will cherish it (although it will be sad to see it go).

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  1. I really like the color and craftsmanship!

  2. It must have taken sooo much time to stitch all that together. I can tell it was made with love in every stitch.

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