Friday, May 20, 2011

JoRetro Vintage Giveaway: Win $200 in Vintage Swag

The JoRetro shop specializes in my favorite kind of retro goodies: the kitschy, eccentric finds! Sisters Irene and Jolene have put together a beautiful online shop of vintage treasures to salivate over. I wanted to introduce you to their shop, JoRetro: Eccentric Antiques and Collectibles, their fun blog, and let you know about an amazing giveaway they're having:

The winner gets to choose one item valued at $200!

How to Enter to Win one Sexy Vintage Item Worth up to $200 from JoRetro!

1.  Like the JoRetro Facebook page.

2. Look through the JoRetro shop and select the one item worth up to $200 that you want to win.

3. Leave a comment on her facebook wall letting her know which item you want to win BEFORE the deadline, May 31, 2011. That's it!

 Vintage photos of Jolene and her family, generously shared with us on her blog. 

I was immediately taken with the JoRetro shop and blog. Both weave in Jolene's love of crafts and her memories of the past. There are sweet posts like this one about her mom's classic vintage fashion, and craft tags like From Trash to Tags, a practical post on making more merchandise for your antique store, for free!

Jolene will be back again soon to answer some questions about her success as an antique reseller. Her shop looks amazing, and I can't wait to pick her brain and get reselling and antique hunting secrets.

If you have any questions for Jolene's success as an antique reseller and hunter, please leave them in the comments!

Note: This is not a paid post, but JoRetro is a Thrift Core Sponsor. Read my Sponsor FAQ and Advertising page if you're interested in being a Thrift Core Sponsor.
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  1. Thanks for promoting our MAY Givaway! We are getting so many entries! You have such great friends that follow your blog.....thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the info Val.
    Question for Jolene: How do you research and determine your pricing?

  3. Monogirl, that's a great question. First I google the item. Most of the time you will find on Ebay or Etsy, or other sites like mine. That gives you a range of what others are willing to spend. You need to adjust up or down based on the quality and what you spent to purchase the item. For the items I re-purpose like my pillows, I add the cost of the needlework, the fabrics, trim, zipper, pillow insert and labor to sew tried to teach me how to sew, but that was a disaster. I add that all up and usually double the price. That covers my search for coordinating fabrics and the design time. And if we really don't know what we should charge we ask George....he owns the Antique Mall where we have our booth. Having an expert that knows the items and the market, and can advise you is invaluable...I should do a Blog about all the times we didn't listen to him, and wished we would have!

  4. I'm having problems viewing the shop, it's coming up as a blank white screen. I tried last night and figured it just needed some time, but I'm having the same issue today. Just letting ya know, cuz I'm all for taking a stab at winning :)
    Thanks Jolene & Van!

  5. Jackie: The site was temporarily down, it's back up. Take your stab and have fun :)

  6. Everybody breaks down now and then. The trick is in getting back on your feet. As the little red engine said " I think I can. I think I can. "

  7. fb fan tony l smoaks, i left a comment on her wall
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  8. Liked and posted:!/HappiShopr/posts/201561989888757

    trinitygsd at yahoo do tocm

  9. Thanks for letting me know.
    Entered on her FB page.

  10. hi. Like your fb page and went through the shop.Very nice stuff. I sell Retro stuff too-mainly crochet hand made. Here is my face book page:

    good luck with your give away.

  11. With all our cool new friends on Facebook, one winner just wasn't we picked three, plus our 100th friend on Facebook also won!

    Sue Hontros wins the rare Texas Military Tablecloth
    Kitty Wilson wins the 7 piece Fire King Candle Glow set
    Robin Ritter wins the 8 Silver Rimmed R Initial Glasses
    Shaunda Eppes our 100th friend wins the 5 Crocheted Lantern Potholders
    I just had to give Jolene Como her prize too, from one Jolene to another!

    Thanks go out to everyone that entered! We loved see what items you wanted to win, and the positive feedback about JoRetro....

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