Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Thrift Because: We're Dreamers

The more I interact in this online thrifting community, the more I see distinct catalysts that keep us thrifting and junk hunting.  This new We Thrift Because... series will explore why we thrift. 

As thrifters, we're dreamers. We have prolific imaginations. Non-thrifters might see a rusted pile of debris as useless junk, but thrifters never do. We can approach dusty clutter with reverence. We hold it in the same regard as Babylonian artifacts displayed in a prestigious museum. Every discarded item has potential.

Dedicated thrifters live a life outside the status quo. We dream of more than that. Many of us have made our own careers are creatives, bloggers, writers, artists, crafters, and resellers. If we haven't yet, we strive for it every day. We dream about it.

If you want my thrifty dreamer inspiration take a look at my friend Selena's Dream Share posts for a peek at the lofty aspirations shared by those in online thrifting community.  Let's keep seeing the potential in everything and transforming nothing into something. For thrifters, it's second nature. We couldn't help it if we wanted to.

What are your thrifty dreams?
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  1. My thrifty dreams are to be able to support myself and those I love by doing what I enjoy very very much - picking, junking, repurposing, upcycling. I can find potential in almost anything. I see the beauty in objects that are past their prime. Scratched and dented adds character and history.

  2. I love how so many of us are finding ways to make a living doing what we love, rescuing abandoned treasures.

  3. Great posting! Very inspiring!

    I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys the junking and the reselling of found treasures...of course, some items get to stay with me. :)

    My daily obsession has been finding out my daily sales total at the Antique Mall where my booth is at. I also love chatting with customers and other dealers who share the same passion.

    I don't think I could ever stop, because I love the thrill of the find. It goes in cycles though, sometimes when I feel like I have enough stuff, then I don't go junking. However, when I feel the adrenaline of "must go junking now...." I try to contain my excitement when I find a super cool item for a bargain! :)


  4. Everything you said is so true! When I see some abandoned or discarded treasure, I see it as an orphan that needs to be shown in the light of love that it truly is, either by me or adopted by someone else who can appreciate it's beauty. Thank goodness I have an on-line shop to pass these special treasures through.

  5. Pam: I'm in the "too much junk" boat, stopping my hunt for now while I sort through things. I don't think I'll ever get tired of rescuing discarded items either. You give an old item a 2nd chance and it's stimulating in so many ways.

  6. Victoria: Yep, we're lucky we can resell and pass the vintage treasures on to other admirers.

  7. Well said! Yep, it's about how it all taps into our imaginations, it's a form of creativity to see something more in junk than... well, junk!

  8. Great idea for a series! Definitely dreamers. I dream of a couple things...the first is to inspire others to thrift more. When my friends and family see what I got second hand, I hope it inspires them to search second hand first...which brings me to my second dream. I dream that thrifting will help to save our planet.

  9. what a great series! i like to think myself a dreamer...seeing something new and exciting in someone else's trash...that is why i refer to thrifting as treasure hunting!


  10. Willo: I love inspiring others to thrift more, they never regret it! Even hardcore thrift store haters learn to love the love prices.


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