Friday, May 27, 2011

Marketing Tips for Your Blog and Business (& Sponsor Thrift Core!)

I'm accepting sponsors for June! I wanted to candidly let you know how sponsoring Thrift Core works. I don't simply put your button on my site and leave your success up to fate, I work with my sponsors to promote them, help them with their website issues, and really deliver results.

When you buy an ad on Thrift Core you receive: 

  • Free Website Success Newsletter: I provide my insider tips for success 
  • Free Ad Design: Don't have an Ad? I'll make one for you! 
  • Free Website Analysis: A custom consultation for improving your website
  • 24/7 Assistance: I'll always be here for any questions you have 

Remember, I make a living improving websites. A copywriting campaign I launched recently earned my employer well over $53,850 in three months. Part of my day job is spending hours testing what works on the web, and what doesn't. My advice is very valuable, and I'm giving it to you for free when you buy an ad on Thrift Core.  

As a Thrift Core Sponsor I not only promote you, I analyze your website and provide you with a plan to make your online store, blog, or campaign successful. 

Testimonials from my wonderful and happy sponsors:  

" I've doubled my friends on Facebook in 3 days...yay! Your blog has been a real boost for traffic on the website, too!" 
Jolene, JoRetro
"Sponsoring thriftcore has been a great experience, I've seen my traffic go up, and Van is the greatest host. When she says you can write her whenever if you have to ask something she's not lying. She will give you the attention she promises! I'm really happy since I've been working with her, and you will be too. Sponsoring thriftcore feels like your 2nd home!
-Cindy Lou, eLousions 
 "Thanks for being so easy to work with!"
-Hillary, HGTV
"Thanks for being so easy to work with!" -Hillary, HGTV "Van, you have been amazing every step of the way! I love being a part of this site and mostly and thankful for your friendship. You're awesome! :D"
-Marcia, Art by Marcia Furman

Tips for Marketing Your Blog or Online Business

I love providing detailed advice on how to get more followers on your social networks and improve your online sales. I continue to write a creative business tips series for Papernstitch. People have let us know that the tips have already worked for them. Please read them, I'm sure they can work for you, too!

Questions? Comments?
Leave your questions in the comments or simply send me an e-mail. I look forward to helping you with your online success. I'm not just saying that, I really do! :) It's one of my biggest passions.So leave any marketing/website help/Thrift Core sponsor questions you have in the comments and I'll promptly respond.
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  1. I am preparing a blog post on how NOT to market yourself on-line using you, your emails and your blog as my PRIME example! I'll send you a link! (I would have sent you an email, but all of your MANY spam emails are NO REPLY. You call this professional? Wake up! And I'm sure you'll be deleting this anyway, afraid you won't be able to hoodwink new bloggers if they are clued in.)

  2. Please send me the link when it's online.

    I have sent group e-mails out to blog followers only, and only as reminders. They are not intended as spam. I wouldn't call the amount numerous because I've only sent out three of them since January of 2011.

    You may have subscribed to Thrift Core and then forgotten. Unsubscribe to Thrift Core and you'll no longer receive the e-mails from me.

  3. Van- I used to drink my morning coffee from a mug that said "don't let the turkeys get you down." This guy is clearly one of those turkeys. You are one of the hardest working, most approachable bloggers around, and I try to emulate what you do often.

    Now, where do I sign up for those emails? ;)

  4. I second everything Brian said. Clearly this turkey needs to get stuffed.


    I think explains it all

  6. Well, I know some of the SEO tricks and I am very much interested to know the remaining. Please share some tips for me so that I can start my own business seo.


I love reading your comments. Thank you for adding to the discussion! I always reply to any and all questions.

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