Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrift Haul: Cartoons, Toys, Memories

I did a little thrifting with Mom on Sunday and found some more irresistible toy and cartoon bits. I circled the Goodwill a few times, trying to resist the collection of Dragon Ball Z VHS tapes, but failed. Couldn't resist! I used to watch Dragon Ball all the time in middle school, sometimes my friends would roll on the floor laughing from it- more from the unintentional than the intentional comedy.

 [Every VHS but the Tree of Life Movie is in the original Japanese, yay!]

$5.00 isn't too bad for some fond Dragon Ball marathon memories, right? Now I have to have more of them! I love how redundant the storyline gets and how over-the-top the expressions are in the Z series! (The cool retro-style robot was $1.00 at the flea market, I went late in the day so it was my only find. )

By the way, I ran into a local reader at a Goodwill for the first time this weekend. Thank you for reading every post Trilas, it means a lot to me! I snagged this cute and colorful set of 60s Japanese mugs for $1.77 at the same Goodwill.

I love how they stack, very convenient. I also love the pattern across the middle, they are somehow tiki-like, and I love that. Did I ever tell you that >I fantasize about living in a retro tiki-themed straw hut? I love anything that even remotely has that aesthetic.

A final find was this set of vintage looking cards. I might try to sell them individually and see what happens, I want to stage a second vintage kitchen themed booth at the antique store next.

What did you find this weekend? 
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  1. Those mugs! Something so cozy and coffee klatchy about them. Terrific finds.

  2. Your post is making me feel really old.
    My son was into teenage mutant ninja turtles.

    I think a vintage kitchen theme sounds wonderful.

  3. Oh wow. I found that exact robot from a flea market last year! He's hanging around on the science fiction shelf of my bookcase. I too paid $1 for him. Neat!

  4. Love the robot and the mugs - don't remember Dragonball, but my 3 and 6 year old are into Scooby-Doo, they've made several new series, but right now are showing the ones I remember from the 80s!

    I've been nostalgic this week, but for childhoods I didn't even experience - I've just done a post on my old school girl annuals, full of adventures for boarding school pupils called Joan or Beryl!

  5. DearHelenHartman: That's the perfect set of adjectives for them, "cozy and coffee klatchy"!

    Dogsmom: I was into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in elementary school...well, I'm still in TMNT, actually :). I still have my favorite Ninja turtles posters and movies. The Thrifts can't have 'em!

    Jackie: I love that you found the same guy for the same price...also at a flea market! :)

    Lakota: I'm -always- nostalgic for childhood bits, I've never grown out of it. I'll have to check out your post!

  6. stacking mugs is a good thing - i have such limited cupboard space i think i might have to try and find more mugs that do that! i did some thrifting this weekend too - a local thrift shop/employment training centre is closing its doors so everything is 50% off. i found some awesome capris and shorts and am heading back there today with my mom to do a little late-mother's-day thrifting together. i'll blog about that this week.

  7. ah yes, dragonball - dang was that so long ago? =) Nice finds, I see mugs like that every so often and it kills me not to pick 'em up - but I've been trying.

  8. Angelika: I -love- it when Thrift Stores have huge sales. Sounds like you scored!

    A La Modern: You have more restraint that I! I need to borrow some...

  9. Van - I love those mugs! Great finds! I'm a tiki junkie too. I just came across this weekend when I was researching an ashtray. It's a guide to tiki places around the country. I've got a new list of tiki places to check out and can't wait!

  10. I saw those mugs at goodwill but i put them back. regrets, regrets, regrets. But then I saw you pick them up, atleast I can visit them in your blog.

  11. Loving your treasure finds, I had luck this week, thou I will be invoking the thrift god so I will have better luck this week end since I'll be on Texas :D

  12. Flo: Oh hell yes, I'm going to check out that guide. I bet a lot of those Tiki places are here in Florida, and I'll be visiting all of them if possible :)

    Syctrilas: I was a bad girl, I already have way more Coffee mugs than people living in this house. (I am the only one. The ONLY one.)

  13. Miss Lou: Good luck in Texas! I'm sure the Thrift God will bring plenty of finds!

  14. Isn't thrifting the best?! Ahhh I am totally addicted. So glad you stopped by my blog because it led me to YOURS..I am going to be doing a weekly thrifting find post starting Thursday so stop by again to check it out.

    Delighted Momma

  15. Dragonball holds a special place in my childhood memories. Sweet score!

  16. That robot is so fun! I would have snatched him right up, too.


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