Monday, December 17, 2012

Thrift Haul: Transformers and More Quality Vintage Goodies

I've been working non-stop since launching my Etsy shop, but the kinetic motion is addictive. I even returned to the flea market AND photographed and listed the items all in one day, it's a miracle! Here are my beautiful flea market scores from yesterday afternoon...

One of my favorite finds was this amazing "Donkey Party" vintage Pin The Tail on the Donkey party set. The Donkey "poster"-of-sorts it comes with is on a canvas-like material and it's damn gorgeous. I love the authentic Mexican painting aesthetic  The poster itself (29 inches wide/22 inches tall) would be gorgeous framed and hung in someone's home.

So what's different about my bedroom? What's making my bed more amazing than usual? I may be hard to see with the sun's bright light shining on it the ethereal glow it gives off, but it's...

A Transformers Generation One Flat sheet from 1984! It's a thing of beauty in my room and perfectly goes with the robot art above the bed. Of course you can buy it from me, but I'm enjoying having it around for now.

The cup fetish had to be satisfied! I almost left these "Cornelle by Corning" mugs behind but this set of four mugs and one saucer (odd, but it works) came home with me anyway.

And I love a good, expressive, 1930s classic cartoon ceramic of any kind and this chicken really fit the bill.

The paint is quite faded but I still think it's a lovely piece. I'm trying not to bring home flawed items but it broke through my defenses!

This little "half a cup of coffee" gag cup gets me every time.

I need to serve a friend with this cup and see what happens.

Here's another one I went back-and-forth on for a while before it came home with me. I need to re-shoot this piece, it's a bright lime green in person.

The inside compartment is perfect for organizing craft supplies. This would be a sweet gift for a sewing or crafty friend. I'm selling it for $9.00.

I sell unicorns well, so I thought I'd scoop up this cute little unicorn bell. It's more of a gold color in person, 5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. We've been having fun playing with it at the house already.

And continuing the theme, we have a lovely bronze horse happily sprinting.

It seems like these Fisher Price toy apples from the seventies sell well, perhaps it's the childhood nostalgia value sucking people in. This apple rocks back and forth and has a bell inside that sounds exactly like a windchime, it's very soothing. There's a little damage to the left leaf I didn't notice, so I'm selling him for $7.00.

I love a tiki-style mug AND I love I love this cup. There's a little damage on the silver lining but I think that just adds to its vintage charm.

I really appreciate this taped-on note on the back and took care not to damage it while cleaning it.

Funny how I have two vintage finds from my two ethnic backgrounds in this post with the Mexican-inspired pin-the-tail-on the donkey game and now these Puerto Rican vintage souvenir mugs. The contrast of white, brown, and saturated bright colors on these mugs works so well.

The backs are just as beautiful as the front, and I adore the faux wooden texture. These are some gorgeous mugs!

SALE! sale! sale! EVERYTHING in this post is for sale, if you'd like anything you see, please e-mail me. Click the photos or the links beneath them to go directly to their corresponding Etsy listing.

By the way, I added tons of new items to the  Thrift Core Etsy shop if you want to check it out. There are lots of gorgeous vintage finds on there I've never had the time to document before, and plenty of vintage for 7 bucks and under if you're looking for unique gifts for friends! 

What did you find this weekend?
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  1. I used to have those sheets as a kid. When we had bunk beds my mom used those sheets and some old empire strikes back sheets to wallpaper our walls. It was AWESOME

    1. My bros had the Empire Strikes Back ones but I can't recall these gorgeous Transformers sheets. We used top make forts from my bro's bunk beds with them. Ah, memories...

    2. I remember being so jealous that my friend had Star Wars sheets while I only had Battlestar Gallactica sheets,lol.

    3. HA! That's hilarious. Didn't even know they made Battlestar Gallactica sheets!

    4. My room was decorated with Pound Puppies: curtains, sheets, etc..

      I find the toys whilst thrifting but I've never seen linens.

  2. I had those sheets too!!! I think I had the same pattern as curtains too. Or my mom made them - can't remember.

    1. Ah, memories. Anything with transformers puts me at ease and makes me happy like a giant nerd.

  3. You're working hard-- I've been keeping tabs on Etsy :). Those vintage coloring books are fab!

    1. I have Diane! It's exhausting but very fun. I love the coloring books too, glad they're finally documented. They were too pretty to just sit in my shelf for so long.

  4. I remember playing that very game at my neighbors birthday parties. Bright and colorful in great condition. That was a lucky score. I can't believe you are selling the Puerto Rico mugs. So cute. Good luck with your Etsy store. You'll do well. I'm happy for you.

    1. Thanks Ally! It's temping to keep most of my finds, but then I'd be a bad reseller. It's all gotta go, I'm filled to max capacity.

  5. omg Van, my husband has the comforter to that Transformers sheet. He's had it since he was a kid and we use it as an extra blanket. It's very worn but we love it. I was so excited to find a vintage Star Wars sleeping bag last week to add to our smallish vintage bedding collection. (Another highlight is our Close Encounters sleeping bag) Really I need to sell some of this stuff but I keep thinking if we have kids it'd be fun to have around! lol :)

    1. I love the idea of a pop culture bedding collection, definitely would be fun for sleepovers and camping with potential kids. Or to use for yourself. I actually like how they look contrasted with more conventional adult bedding, too. I'll never grow up!

    2. Us too, big ole kids for life over here! You should see our toy and comic book collection! The sleeping bags are a little small for us to use as intended, but can be used as bedspreads for sure.

  6. So many things to love in this post! I can't believe you flea marketed, photographed, and listed stuff all in one day. I am in awe. Your Etsy shop looks amazing, BTW!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, means a lot as your Etsy shop is gorgeous! I was up until 2:30AM working on listing all that stuff. I've got streamline the process and get it done faster, it's so time consuming!

  7. Your bedroom is amazing. More photos of that, please! And I want all of those beer steins, now, preferable full of beer.

    1. Thank you! Here's a recent tour of my bedroom and attached bathroom, more photos of the whole apartment to come. The open layout make it hard to photograph :) AND BEER STEINS, ah ha, that's the word I was looking for. Gotta upload the item descriptions!

  8. The Transformers sheets is cool & I need that one for my flat sheet collection & it would be boyfriend approved! However, I'm thrifty, so going to wait to find it in a thrift (I know you don't want to hear that).

    If you ever come across any vintage pop culture stickers out there & you are reselling them reasonably, lemme know Van!

    1. Will do! Don't blame you on being thrifty, fellow thrifty-soul. I never buy anything vintage online, but I do invest in original art prints, usually by local artists, every now and then.

  9. Love the Transformer sheets! Reminds me of my kids when they were growing up ;)

    1. I love how thrifted finds can bring back memories. They remind me of playing with toys with my twin brothers.

  10. I have one of those little unicorn bells too!! It was my mom's.

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