Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Flea Market Finds of 2012: What Are Your Favorites?

I'm often asked what my favorite thrift store finds are, it's really hard to choose with the volume of what I find. That and, I love everything piece I bring home! But here are my Top 5 favorite 2012 finds:

I was shocked to find this beautiful lamp in near-perfect condition. It even came with a little Raccoon tenant which is still wrapped-up and packed somewhere. It's such a perfect groovy little 70s relic and I love everything about it. I got a good deal for something so rare, too.

My gardening soul cried out for these two gorgeous pieces. I wheeled and dealer as much as possible to lower the price on this duo at the flea market but the vendor wouldn't go down much, I had to have them anyway. It's all drawn in a way that's similar to my natural drawing and coloring style as well.

I found this lot at one of my favorite flea markets. I never took the time to take detailed photos of each one and they languished in my bookshelf for most of the year before finally being listed on Etsy- where they're selling quite well! I love the very vintage colorful covers and illustrations inside. I wish I had time to scan each page before they all sold!

I rarely encounter decently priced Transformers goodness anywhere, so I was happy to find this sheet during my last flea market hunt. They're right at home on my bed until they sell. I love using them. I'm a huge Transformers fan.

Looks like all my favorite finds were flea market finds, with rising thrift store prices I hunt at flea markets more than anything now. So tell me...

What were your favorite finds this year? Let's find many more in 2013.
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  1. Liking all of the colors in your favorite choices!

    1. Thanks! That's one of the things I love most about shopping vintage, the colors.

  2. I've had plenty but my most recent favourite find has been something I've been holding out all year in hope for. I nabbed a glorious light brown tooled leather bag that has acorns on the front and a deer on the back. I showed it off on the blog the other days as it was a just before Christmas score.

    1. That bag is AMAZING! Definitely can see why it tops the list.

  3. Such a cute post, and I love that sheet! Very cool.

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