Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Small Business Success Tip: Invest In Your Business, and Yourself

My unofficial business month is drawing to a close. I shared heartfelt tips on earning more, photography improvements that will help you sell, and Etsy selling tips. I continue to receive questions on making a blog or online business successful and I have to ask:
Are you investing in your business? 

Put in the Time: My online creator story started in 1998 when I made my first websites. I got serious about it four years ago and worked 55+ hours at a marketing job on top of 20 hours or more on art projects and this blog. I've invested hundreds of dollars and  thousands of hours to get where I am. I'd love to give you the advice and boost I didn't have when I started my blog and reselling journey.

Website Analysis: When you buy an ad on Thrift Core for March, 2013 you'll get a complimentary website analysis! I've been trained in SEO and web marketing and know how to keep buyers and readers engaged. You'll receive a skilled evaluation of your website and/or online store and of course, a free banner design. All this on top of ad placement that will get you the customers and exposures you need. I love to streamline websites and make them successful! I'm a nerd that way. :)

Your time is valuable, I want to help you invest it properly so you move your business in the right, profitable, direction. Let's collaborate on getting your website and brand where you want it to be. Venture here to buy and ad or e-mail me so we can discuss options.
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