Friday, February 1, 2013

Thrift Core Updates + Getting Yourself OUT THERE This February!

Thrift Core offers advertising to help promote fellow bloggers and small business owners. I'm very passionate about helping others get eyes on their stores. I LOVE to see brave entrepreneurs hit their goals and realize their dreams.

If you don't have a banner, I'll gladly make you one! You'll also receive:

  • Constant support from me, I'll always be here to answer questions
  • Collaborative effort with me to increase visibility to your site or store
  • Years of web marketing experience on your side!
  • The eyes of thousands of readers on your ad
  • Traffic is increasing, Thrift Core's growing, join the party!

If you'd like to collaborate and place an ad on Thrift Core check out my advertising page to pay for an ad and check out the ad sizes and samples. See you next month, I have a lot of healthy recipes and DIYs that I'm very excited to share! Please e-mail me if you have any questions!
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