Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vintage Shop Interview with Viva La Thrifty: An Inspiring New Boutique

Viva La Thrifty has opened its doors right around the corner from where I sell retro items at Southern Crossing Antique Mall. It's a charming vintage shop with a simple, attractive set-up and loads of groovy mod goodies to browse. Owner Malori answered some questions on what it's like to be living the dream and operating her own vintage houseware and apparel shop.

1. How long have you been thrifting?

I have always been thrifting. My parents and I would go to flea markets every weekend while I was growing up.

2. That's what I figured, I'm a lifelong thrifter too! How long have you been selling vintage?

I have been selling vintage for about a year.

3. That's impressive, you're doing really well already! Is this your first vintage shop?

Yes, this is my first vintage shop.

4. When did you decide to open a shop of your own?

I have always wanted my own. When the opportunity opened up, I just went for it.

5. When did the opportunity to open the store arise? Can you describe the experience for us?

I was saving my money for years because I knew I always wanted my own business. Plus, I was finally able to afford to buy a cargo vehicle. I was also living in Atlanta at the time and I was just ready to get back to my hometown. When I saw the space open on King street, it just felt like destiny.

6. You scored a great spot and your shop is beautiful. What advice do you have for aspiring vintage store owners?

Get ready to work a lot!!

7. I definitely agree with that sentiment! I work my ass off between hunting for, cleaning, reparing, photographing, and tagging vintage! At least it's fun. You find amazing vintage pieces! Any thrifting tips to offer?

The best vintage comes from small towns.

8. That's good to know, I must stop by small towns to hunt on my next road trip! What are the challenges you've faced with owning your own retail space?

Every day presents a new challenge. Money management is always at the top of the list.

9. Any style influences to share?

I gain inspiration from everyone. Pinterest is always a great outlet for new ideas and new information.

10. Random: What's better: boats, owls, or robots? There can be only one!


I'm inspired by Malori's unpretentious, simple approach. Her shop delivers exactly what you want from a retro housewares and apparel shop- accessible, quality vintage at thrifty prices! I love how interview proves you sometimes have to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself and make your dreams a reality.

What are your dreams and goals with thrifting and vintage? Also, any particular questions you want me to ask vintage sellers in future interviews?

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  1. As someone who's working towards opening a vintage retail store as well, I found this very inspiring! Good luck to Malori, and thanks for sharing the interview with us Van!

  2. Great post! And lovely eye candy pictures.
    I was all "yeah, this is what I am going to do" until she said: Get ready to work a lot!!
    Anything emphasized with multiple exclamation points scare me ;-)

    1. It is work and then some, I know that from almost opening multiple stores, and stressful too. Rewarding, but hard!

    2. Ur, correction, almost opening a store multiple times.

  3. Oh I love this and look forward to reading more interviews with my own emerging children's vintage business.

  4. You can tell how hard she works just by the pictures. Everything is meticulously staged and arranged. It all looks very inviting and makes it easy to imagine the item in your own home.

    1. Agreed Melissa, beautiful clear staging, you just want to grab every item in sight and she makes it easy to so. It inspires me!

  5. Wow, such an inspiration and I am slowly working towards the same goal of opening a small retail shop. I've been saving money from my day job and squirreling away inventory in storage and hoping I'll be able to open a shop within 3 years.

    It's always been a dream of mine to open up a retail store and though I'm not ready now, I think in about a year and half to two years I'll be in a serious position to think about such.

    Best of luck to Malori and thanks Van for posting a great story!

    1. Glad it inspires you, her story does the same for me! I still want to open a small retail space one day, but like you, not ready yet.

  6. Very antique indeed and they look so beautiful, best of luck on the work.

  7. the first shot, on the bottom shelf with that cute little row of suitacases and bags...there is a floral print small blue and green suitcase to the far right. I HAVE THAT! It is like, my most prized possession suitcase! And I've never seen another! Haha. My eye automatically drew itself right to it. :)

    Had to mention that...well, because I'm a weirdo.

    1. I think I sold that same set before, they truly are beautiful! Was tempted to keep 'em but you can't keep 'em all...

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