Monday, February 11, 2013

Thrift Haul: Sexy Vintage Man Shirts, Sexism, Playful Finds Galore

I have hundreds of bits of merchandise to photograph already, yet my hunt goes on! What can I do? Sales are always better when fresh meat is available for selection. It's like buyers are carnivores that sense new blood. This week I found many things to play with...

Yuko Says: "Thanks for the new bed of vintage shirts, mom!"

The tag of this shirt reads "ELY Cattleman" but at first glance I thought it said "Fly Gentleman," and what a Funky Fly Fellow you'd be wearing one of these sexy vintage button-up shirts. Of course I had to try on each shirt, the plaid one picture fit okay but the others went down to my knees! Yuko was as taken with the shirts as I was, jumping in my shots and daring to make each one her roost. That's tea in the beer mug by the way, har har!

My inner graphic designer sings at the beauty of the text on these tags. Here we have two H and C Ranchware shirts, Kenny Rogers (?!), Tem Tex, and Ely Cattleman.

We have a red plaid shirt, with a subtle western feel. Wear it with levis! Wear it like Elvis!

I think my favorite of the bunch is this guy with the fun western motif and "Kenny Rogers" tag to go with it!

A nice light pastel frock with pearly "snap" buttons like the rest of the shirts.

The flowers and gingham on this shirt charm the pants off me. Damn, that's a hot shirt. You can get each of these shirts for $25.00 each on the blog only, once they hit Etsy the price is going up.

But enough shirt worship, how about this beautiful 1967 Fish Price Play Family Farm! Again, not something I  usually pick up. It's in rough shape, but it charmed me and I'm sure it will charm others.

The colorful illustrations on the inside and outside are beautiful to behold.

Then we have this adorable love puppy on velvet. It went on sale at Southern Crossing where I have a booth set up and I thought it was perfect for the season.

And how about some good 'ole vintage misogyny. I love the illustration and the color scheme on this mod post card.

'Twas a good haul and happy hunting. I've been obsessed with working on my Etsy store and growing my brand in every way possible.

It's ALL for sale: See anything you like? E-mail me and I'll get back with ya ASAP.

So tell me...what have you found at the thrifts lately?

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  1. Oooh,love the western shirts, although the Kenny Rogers one makes me crave fried chicken,lol.
    Too bad you didn't get the Fisher Price farm animals and tractor that went with the barn.I sold just the set of animals for $20 last year.
    As always,I love seeing the stuff you buy.

    1. Yeh, I looked around but couldn't find the cool toys to go with it. It's fun either way I suppose :)

  2. Love the shirts! Tem Tex had really cool magazine ads back in the late 70s. I saved a couple of them, and I think I still have them around somewhere. Great haul!

    1. Oh, I need to take a look at those ads! :D

    2. I goggled (images) "Tem Tex ads" just to make sure I knew what I was talking about, and some do come up. I know I have Calamity Jane and Judge Roy Bean.

    3. Just looked up some of the ads and they are awesome. They make me want to stage silly photoshoots with the shirts- if they don't sell first!

  3. Haha, that postcard is freaking hilarious! As a chesty former Executive Assistant (the new politically correct term for Secretary)it makes me smile.
    And the shirts! I adore old western shirts. My Grandpa gave me a bunch of his that he had around for 40 years. They are my most favorite shirts.

    1. As a chest former office worker I too can relate. Hell, any female can relate ;) I love vintage men's clothing more than the lady's versions, somethin' about 'em...

  4. Kenny Rogers had a clothing line? I wish Dolly Parton had a clothing line.

    I had that barn when I was little. I played the hell out of it.

    I'm looking for old humor postcards, sexually suggestive or "risque", to frame in some frames I found in the trash at my apartment building with sketches of gay sex in them, postcards gotta be landscape (or whatever).

    1. I had no idea Kenny Rogers had a clothing line either, but the tag don't lie! I think it's one part of a bigger line. I have a big box of donated frames to fill too. Been saving them to gift photographs to friends/family.

  5. I totally love these shirts. It seems you have a huge collection of shirts.

  6. I love your man shirts!!! Even more, I love your Batman prints in the background! You should come by and share these at my link up!

  7. The H bar C shirts are very collectible- check the going prices on Etsy before you list. (I love the "Research View" in the search page for that.)

    1. There's a "research view"? Where's that hiding? Looking for it...

  8. Love the Fisher Price! Glad you picked it up. An eBay seller I learned from who grew up in the antique business gave me a great tip - if it reminds you of your childhood, grab it. People are always trying to buy back their childhoods, so these types of items will always have an eager audience.

  9. These vintage shirts are awesome. They never go out of fashion and you can always mix and match them with the style you want.

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