Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrift Haul: Vintage Browns All Around, Beautiful Brown Dinnerware

We collectors have our fetishes. I have a big one for brown vintage dinnerware, it gives me comforting memories of childhood meals. They're nostalgic like sepia photographs and warm like a creamy chicken soup. I was happy to uncover these plate set treasures this weekend.

Anyone up for coffee? The creamy white glaze recalls the delicious foam atop a cappuccino. They measure 2.8" x 4". Beautiful set! I'm selling them for $35.00 on Etsy but you can buy them on the blog for $20.00. ----->>> Etsy Listing

So bright, so kitsch! How could I leave this behind? Why does this remind of the time my fifth grade teacher asked the class, "Who here has been to California" and I answered, "I haven't been there but my parents said I was made there!" $9.00 for blog readers. ----->>> On Etsy

It's a BIBLI-OWL-PHILE! I sold one of these guys at the antique mall booth recently, I love how it look staged with books and appreciate the color palate. Beautiful combination. $9.00 for blog readers. ----->>> On Etsy

I was so happy to find this Rooster Log Cabin pitcher...thing. Do you know the official name for this guy, couldn't find it online. I saw one at an antique mall that was high priced and was fortunate to find him at a thrift store instead. $25.00 for blog readers. ----->>> On Etsy

I'm not even sure if these are cups, bowls, dip bowls? I'm marketing them as bowls, they fit in your palm and are perfect for enjoying creamy soup or a scoop of ice cream. My former upstairs neighbor, a chef at a trendy downtown restaurant, presented a vegan potato casserole spiced in a very similar bowl to me one day. The small size encouraged me to slow down and savor every delicious bite of his food. ----->>> On Etsy

And a non-dinnerware surprise is this interesting shelf I uncovered. I thought it would be perfect to hang in the kitchen to hang mugs from the gold hooks beneath but they proved too small for anything but jewelry  You can buy it off my wall to display and organize your necklaces for $15.00.

Now you can see my little deer who will pose with certain items from here on out unless someone wants her for $7.00, first! I love the soft watercolor look of these Daisy Vale print vintage stoneware dinner plates. ----->>> On Etsy

The first was Daisy Vale clear on the black, not this one is Daisy Dale! Is one the rip off of another? Either way, I love this set as well. Selling it with two small and two large plates. ----->>> On Etsy

These vintage hand painted Red Wing saucers are so interesting, does anyone have information on them? I'll sell them to a blog reader for $9.00.

They are really fun to mix and match dinnerware with! A very beautiful pair, I love the organic hand-painted leaves.

It was so fun photographing all of this beautiful vintage, highly nostalgic dinnerware. This type of retro kitsch brown bits are personal favorites. If you want to buy anything you see, send me an e-mail. It's all for sale!

So tell me...what have you found at the thrifts lately?

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  1. Van... Just change the hooks and viola, you can still hang mugs.

    1. Indeed. I considered doing just that. But I like it as a necklace organizer.

  2. The Red Wing saucers are from the Tampico pattern made from 1956 to 1965. It looks cool with the little brown custard bowls. I kind of collect brown drip stoneware - I am saving it for my dream house in Montana... someday, someday. Is your deer marked on the bottom? Is she ceramic or plastic? I collect them too!

    1. Thanks for the ID on everything, super helpful! She is ceramic and has no marking on the bottom, though she does have the signature "RY" on the inside.

  3. What did I find, you ask.... 52 pieces of Currier and Ives blue & white ware! I'm ecstatic!

    1. That's a beautiful set! Great score!

  4. Fantastic finds and great staging! Good eye.

  5. are the mugs marked?
    they have the look and proportions of Bennington Pottery Trigger mugs.

    1. None of the mugs are marked as far as I can tell.

  6. Great find on the brown dinnerware set and the owl! I love him! I wonder if the little cups are meant for pancake syrup...I kind of feel like I have seen them used that way. Damn, now I want pancakes!

    1. A twitter follower let my ignorant behind know that they are ramekins ;) At least I wasn't the only one who was confused. I'm going to use them to hold homemade raw vegan hummus today so they're whatever we want them to be!

  7. I saw so many fantastic plates and dinnerware sets over the weekend. I'm leery on selling them online due to their weight and break-ability!!! Any advice??

    1. Yeh, same here, I try to resist them for the same reasons but the siren's call of these ones could not be resisted. I used AAAAAMPLE AMPLE AMPLE AMPLE bubble wrap on these guys because they break so easy. It takes a long time but it's worth it. It looks overdone by the time they're "mummified" in wrap but at least they'll arrive safe!

    2. It's weird...I'm not getting notifications that you replied! AH! Thanks for the input!

  8. Love the brown colors. I'm a brown person myself :0)

    For dinnerware pieces, is a great place to do research.

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