Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10 Tips to Keep Inspired and Earn More: I've Learned the Hard Way (So You Won't Have To)

Can't work another second? Tempted to throw all of your merchandise out of the window or just "quit" and pursue work with "The Man" again? I get like this from time-to-time and last week was a trying, but I pushed through and feel my inspiration flowing again- and I'm working hard and, and succeeding, and earning more along the way. I've learned a lot about running creative businesses from being part of a marketing team and working on my own on different creative projects.

The following 10 tips are important ones from getting un-stuck from a rut and really working hard so you can earn more:

1. You Get What You Put into it, So Work Hard: Really dedicate yourself to your tasks and you'll see results. Most of us (myself included) are not applying ourselves as hard as possible. Let's try it.

2. Work Smarter: Do more hard work in less time, resist distractions. Setting a timer helps me do more work in less time, strict time limits help with creativity.

3. Delegate: I still struggle with this one, indie biz owners can be independent to a fault. Know when it's time to outsource and ask for help to save time, money, or get unstuck.

Taking a break to walk, window shop, explore or work in a different place, re-vamped environment is a great way to get un-stuck and inspired. 

4. Will Power: The trouble with creative work, you can always choose when inspiration strikes. Set work hours an rules, stick to them. The muse/work flow will often come once you push through it.

5. Rest: When you're working hard, sticking to work hours and rules and delegating you can take breaks without guilt. And you need the reprieve to stay inspired.

6. Diversify: Change-up Your Tasks throughout the day or week. Re-arrange your office or work in a cafe for a day. Get Out. Walk around your neighborhood or a park. Window shop. This keeps you inspired and re-charged.

(Tip: Clearing out stagnant merchandise or cleaning my house- since I work at home, really helps.)

7. Automate: Automate as many tasks as possible. Income sources, social media updates, camera settings, these little things add up to lots of saved time.

8. Always Improve: Take classes, read e-Books and regular books, go back to school, network and do trades, practice, find a mentor, be a mentor, hire a coach. Never stop improving and innovating.

9. Treat Yourself: Treat yourself for your successes, the bigger the accomplishment the bigger the rewards.

10. Remember Your Blessings When Shit Gets Tough: If you're not at least occasionally stressed or uninspired you're not going hard enough. You ain't doing it right. I like to stop and remember my blessings: you're here reading this, you're alive, yay! You're working toward your dreams, you have people who love you. Life's short, let's try not to get caught up in self-defeating thoughts for too long.

/Comments off. Back to work for me! I'm collaborating on a new venture and hunting down some items for a new line today.
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