Monday, October 13, 2014

26 Life and Business Goals: Increase Income, Accomplish Dreams, Get Out There

I adore writing notes, lists, and goals all over the place. When I turn around and look at my bookshelf I'm counting eleven compositions notebooks and there are three more by the bed. Getting all of that brain matter out of your skull and on paper is therapeutic so I'm doubling the therapy sharing it more "secret" goals with the world here on the blog. It feels good to let my weirdness out.  This post is illustrated with some more of my happy memories from my amazing trip to Japan to prove that yes, life-long dreams happen!

I already feel wiser since I shared my super insane epic goal list at the start of 2014. I worked hard at it, fainted a couple of times, and realized how much you truly cannot do it all. It's okay to narrow your focus, work at a slow pace and figure things out. I've learned that not everything has to be an income source and I'm excited to create ones that are easier to monetize so the creative skills I want to learn can be for fun! That makes it much easier to work at lofty goals lists.

Come, gather. Point and laugh at my insanity. Here are 20 more life and business goals. To completed...when they are! There's a mix of easy and ridiculous.

1. Get rid of or sell everything that isn't absolutely necessary or absolutely adored. Nothing 'meh'.
2. Have 200 or less personal possessions one day! Maybe 100!
2. Buy a retro RV and travel the country, if even for just a month. But hopefully longer!
3. Get back into school for digital media. (And/or perhaps fine arts/photography.)
4. Get rid of everything single bit of my current merchandise by the end of December 2014.
5. Get all of the bits and bobs I want to make into art into one box and out of the way for now.
6. Establish myself as a freelance photographer/graphic designer/website-maker.

7. Make biz cards and flyers for the new blog name / design services
8. Really start networking and getting out there again!
9. Launch an e-book.
10. Launch sub-sequent e-books.
11. Publish a book.
12. Buy a house to rent out- maybe a duplex so I can rent the other unit.

By the way, still intend to post more about my travel adventures. I'm thinking maybe a weekly "Travel Tuesdays".

13. Have multiple rental properties for passive income.
14. Start a community garden
15. Start 5 gardens for my herbs, greens, and veggies using different people's yards and my own, one day.
16. Land interesting pro-photography gigs.
17. Have another gallery show. Then more.

18. Draw 200 things. The more.
19. Learn how to make ceramics. Front to back, start to finish.
20. Learn carpentry.
21. Improve sewing.
22. Learn knitting.

23. Learn to crochet.
24. Get income way up one day: 50,000 or more a year is super wealth for someone as frugal as me.
25. Perfect my antique mall booth and my blog - forever-tasks but ones I have lots of happy plans for.
26. Start my home/space re-style and design project.
27. More world travels! Australia, Japan again, Italy again- all the places!

I have a before-birthday list in progress, too. This time of the year is perfect for reflection. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? What are your goals for 2015 and beyond? It's never to late to change a job you hate for something you adore, it's never too late to see the world.
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