Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creative Last-Second Thrifty Halloween Costumes: For Couples, Singles, and You

It happens every year. You have ambitious plans for Halloween costumes when suddenly...it's the last week of the month. What are you going to wear? The best costumes are often the last-second ones you creatively put together with what you have or from thrift store finds. Here are my easy-to-thrift ideas for 2014:

American Psycho Costume

A chainsaw or murder weapon covered with blood really complete the look. And/or a murder victim in a hideous 1980s dress, abundant at Thrift Stores.

Janice Joplin Costume

Wild brown hair, circle-frame glasses, and a loose retro blouse top. You -will- be recognized. Janice is such an icon. Have fun with layering. You can't have too many layers, bracelets and beads.

Romance Novel Couple

She's about to let one...what?! What?!! I adore romance novels. For laughs. They're hilarious. Just the covers and copy and the back and alone can send one into peals of laugher. Channel your inner Fabio Lanzoni. Guys wear a lady's blouse- or none at all, with boots and tight black pants. A long blonde wig works for the guys and the girls! Actually the girls and guys can almost wear the same costume, but finding any kind of romantic typical period-piece off-the-shoulder dress for the girls is best. I see them while thrifting pretty frequently, actually.

Furthermore, my Google Search history is now tainted! I did it for you!

The Walking Dead Gang

This one is pretty open ended. You can cosplay as the main "family" we've come to love or make your own. Include your weapons (I think a frying pan should be in there) dirty up a lot of thrifted clothes (or old ones of your own) add some blood and maybe throw a zombie into the group. Fun times.

Miami Vice

Thrift for loafers, white pants, and a white sports coat- don't you dare button that coat, don't you know where you are!? It's Miami, it's hot as balls down here! Complete the look with your (fake) gun, sunglasses, and 1980s swag. And moose. Lots of moose.

Playboy and his Bunny Costumes

A little trite for Halloween, but so easy. Find a black or red robe, pinstripe pants, and pipe and black slippers for the playboy. The bunny can wear a slinky black dress or black one-piece body or swimsuit with net stockings, black pumps, and of course, the ears and cotton tail. You can make a retro playboy bunny with a beehive and heavy cat-eye make-up.

Breakfast and Tiffany's Costume

Perhaps a bit trite, but so easy, who can resist? All you need is a little black dress, black opera gloves, and a string of pearls to create the iconic costume.

Barbie Costume

Again, been done to death, but it's only a few day to Halloween and you gotta get shit did! Thrift for all pink accessories and wear a blonde wig if you're not a natural blonde. Easy peasy.

Creeper P.E. Coach Costume

Did you have a creeper P.E. coach? Aren't they at every school? Nightmare educing. Retro short-shorts and high socks really make this. Add a fake pedo-stash, a headband, and a white tank if you don't have your own.

Previous year's ideas: here

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