Friday, October 10, 2014

Improving Your Business for the Rest of of 2014 and Thrift Core Reselling / Biz Updates

I love autumn and October, it's a riot of kitsch and color. Yet it's also a symbol of rebirth. It reminds me that the year's coming to a close and I get anxious for my next "fresh slate" that the new year represents. I start preparing my business and goals for the next phase. In 2014 (Aaah! Already!) I'm switching my focus to helping clients with product and portrait photography, blog and portfolio designs, online shop banners, and business coaching. I've worked in online marketing since 2008 and making websites since 1998! I'm excited to use my years of experience to help creatives live their dreams, it's incredibly rewarding work! I'm also going to launch eBooks for those who love to do it themselves. And try to get columnist writing work. I'm crazy.

If you like my product photos I love performing this service. E-mail me if you're local or beyond for help.

Everything in my Etsy shop is on deep clearance. Stock up for your own shops, Christmas gifts, or treat yourself to low priced, high-quality, carefully picked kitschy treats. I've spent years gathering and curating my collection and I need a fresh slate so I can focus on the new venture. I'll continue to write about vintage and re-selling (with the first e-book focusing on re-selling) but I want my new focus to be indie business, productivity, and creativity (and how good nutrition/whole living can help)- all things reselling is anyway. I hope you'll stay with me as I transition. I'm excited to improve and create the best, most inspiring content possible!

I want to release vintage and art lines slowly and at my own pace instead of bringing in and showcasing items weekly, I think it made my shop and vision and little muddy and in-cohesive.

Latest portfolio finished for a client. I love helping artists get their work out there! E-mail me if you need help with coaching to get your work out there! Today I'll be shooting a artistic tiler's work for her online portfolio. A web presence is so helpful for getting yourself out, it's what's allowed me to make my living working from home.

Also, look into my advertising services and giveaways for ways to boost your business.

Are you living up to the resolutions you set at the start of the year? I haven't, I realized I was stretching myself too thin and need to focus. I'm excited for this new season and an opportunity for a fresh start and change. It's never too late to start really chasing your dreams. Life's too short not to.

BIG LOCAL SALE: I'll be selling as much of my vintage wares as possible at 210 w 7th street In Historic Springfield, Jacksonville, Fl. If you're local, come check me out!

/Comments Off but e-mail me or hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you want to chat about improving or starting your business.
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