Friday, October 3, 2014

27 (Quick and Easy) Goals Before 28: Planning a Productive Future for Biz and Life

Isn't it weird how you can feel yourself growing wiser every year? Anyone? Or is it just me? I'll be 28 on October 16th. I am younger and healthier (inside and out) than I was during the nadir of my life at 24 and early 25 when I was working full time, eating the Standard American Diet (SAD, appropriately) and freshly heart-broken.

I tried to start a cafe (investor fell through) and I've been working at earning money for myself independently for three years. I've learned and grown so much, but that's a post for another day. I'll just say that I'm happier in the best ways: health-wise, emotionally (I've fallen in love!). I'm now focusing on building a new brand, income sources, and stability for the future. While having fun and seeing the world, dammit. Life's too short not to experience as much as possible!

These are 27 simple goals to finish before 28.

1. Fit all of the boxes of merchandise in my apartment into my Southern Crossing Antique Mall booth. 
2. Go to the Dollar Tree (I know, evil consumerism, evil evil) & treat self to Halloween decorations.
3. Organize the remaining merchandise in my expedit unit.
4. Dust and mop my apartment from top to bottom.
5. Re-Do my Track This (my fav business plan) business plan guide (helps you plan decades ahead)
6. Make an Editorial Schedule for this blog into next year!
7. Design the new blog layout (Thrift Core's name is changing) and cards, order the cards
8. Update linked-in profile and resume
9. Finally choose and start to obtain a new bicycle to replace my stolen one (now that my mourning period is up *sniffle*)
10. Go on a St. Augustine date with AJ - or better yet, road trip to somewhere very Halloween-y?
11. Go on at least one long "Thrift Adventure" with my mom and/or some thrifty pals
12. Go through my secret "better blog" plan and check off everything on the list (in a fresh notebook)
13. Finish one motivational/improvement book taking notes along the way (also gets a new bookie)
14. Apply to 10 writing jobs
15. Donate at least 50 bits of stagnant merchandise and personal clutter  too easy :P so much junk
16. Make a goal notebook and fill it with new dreams for 28 and beyond, it's always an evolution
17. Try a new note-taking method (one was recommended to me on Instagram wanna try it)
18. Make a new raw vegan pumpkin pie recipe (lemme know if you want it, and/or the one below)
19. Make a new vegan lentil soup recipe, and lots of pots for the roomie, boyfriend, and me to enjoy
20. Organize my bookshelves
21. Watch 5 horror flicks, write my next horror movie recommendation October post (read #1 and #2)
22. Make a business plan for my vintage/upcycled line
23. Promote the hell out of my Etsy Clearance + Promote my local sales on Craigslist daily.
24. Make and blog about making 5 new things.
25. Scrub the bathrooms.
26. Finish planning with my business coach and draft my PR/future business planning (including detailed revenue and marketing goals) from her notes.
27. Add all my merchandise to my online shop, except the mugs and the books. (Won't fit or sell.)*

*Check out my Antique Mall Booth at Southern Crossing if you're local! I'm marking everything I have on clearance today

Miracle Goal: Finish the first draft of my Reseller EBook?

Bonus 2: Sneak into a graveyard at night, take photos. A call-back to silly carefree times when I did just this. Perhaps stay at The Hostel in the Woods again? And if magic time expansion exists:  Schedule photoshoot with that guy who wants to help with my portfolio /capture creatives

What are some short-term goals you have lately? How do you feel around your birthday time? I feel pensive, grateful, and inspired. And strange, it's weird, too.
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  1. That's quite a list! Good luck and don't forget to go easy on yourself and have fun!

    1. Thanks Heather! I plan to do all the hard stuff as fast as possible so I can have more time. Setting strict time limits and caffiene is really helping...

  2. I think you can do it. You've chosen some fun and practical goals that are easy to achieve if you put yourself to it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Zylo. I tried to make them all simple and achievable, haha. There's less than two weeks, after all.

  3. You've got a great list there! Happy (early) Birthday!
    I would say that I am happier and healthier than I was 2 years ago as well, when I was working full-time in a factory. Younger, not so :)

    1. I miss the money from a full time "normal" job and maybe the ability to -not- work for a day (it's really hard for me, even if I'm not actually working I'll usually be thinking of it, taking pictures for the blog, very hard to totally "Turn it off") and...nothing else. It's hard to be healthy and happy working that way!

  4. Happy birthday! I just feel grateful around my birthdays, I think. This year was a little different - not because it was my 40th but because I was still coming out of being really sick...and I'd vowed that my body would not STILL be sick by July when I got really sick in April/May. But it was. It was at least getting a little better. But yeah, usually I just think about how grateful I am for a job I love, my partner, family, friends, my cats, my personal and financial ability to take care of them, our apartment, my neighborhood, good people in the world, etc.

    1. Same here with counting blessings, Jesse. And reflecting on how to improve into the future. Glad things are improving for you!


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