Monday, November 24, 2014

A Better Business for December, 2015 and Beyond: Make Goals and Hit 'Em

I am already so excited for 2015. Arbitrary number change on the calendar not, it's a motivating list-making time of the year and I love it. Next year I'm transitioning. I'll be focusing more on indie business help/showcasing, productivity, creativity, design (interior and otherwise) and being happy/healthy. I'm excited to focus on helping others live a happier, healthier life outside the status quo.

Already making lots of lists and plotting at headquarters. Calendars are boards are quite full!

Advertising: December is an excellent time to advertise on Thrift Core. Sales go through the roof for me And my blog is one of my #1 traffic sources. It's a great way to showcase your blog or business into the new year, too. Read more here or e-mail me.

Indie Business Help: Whether it's making a simple logo or banner, doing product photography, setting up a blog/portfolio, business coaching or creating an entire online presence, I adore helping others accomplish their dream of fruitful self-employment. I am a perfectionist, dedicated to high quality presentation for your business. E-mail me if you need help.

Writing: Just throwing this one out there, I'm looking for creative editorial work for websites, magazines, and newspapers. Just throwing it out there. I have years of experience. If anyone needs a writer that can throw in graphic design and photography skills (or if you know of someone) let me know. I have a resume and references available upon request, but of course!

And with that, back to work with me! I want to clean my apartment from top-to-bottom, ship some orders, and organize some more, as always. My shop still has loads of wares on sale. I'm open to deals/group deals and can estimate lower shipping for you! This is a great time to load up on merchandise or get the ones you love something unique for Christmas.

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