Friday, November 28, 2014

Three More Fridays 'Till Christmas! Thrift Core Epic Vintage Black Friday Sale

I'm so excited to share another Black Friday sale with you!  This year I'm offering 10% off my already super-discounted shop. I love online Black Friday shopping, support an awesome cause, get low-priced, original gifts no retailer would have delivered to your door, and skip the Christmas shopping mess! Win/win/win. Check it out!

I've also put all of my prints on sale, marked down from $15.00! :) See 'em all here. Simply e-mail any custom-sign requests.

Of course I can deliver to your gift recipient and include a cute note and doodle for you as pictured above! The post office is super busy this time of year even if you order priority, it's hard to get your presents on time the closer it gets to Christmas. Order now and you'll definitely get your goodies on time!

I'm entertaining group deals and offers. Simply e-mail me if you need me to calculate a lower shipping rate. I can meet with you if you'd like to see anything in person or shop the remaining collection if you're local. Contact me if you have any questions.

I'll be back next week with recipes, interviews, and photos of my recent explorations. I'm feeling so re-invigorated about writing and business after truly following the tip in this post! Have an awesome Holiday weekend!

/Comments Off so I can explore, take photos, interview times!
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