Monday, November 17, 2014

Loads of Vintage for the Lowest Prices EVUH. Only Five More Fridays Until Christmas!

Are you getting that Christmas shopping craziness out of the way? No? Me either, it turns out. But I have a solution for you if you're on the hunt, after all, only Five More Fridays until Christmas! Everything in my online shop and in my Southern Crossing Antique Mall booth is marked down. Check it out online and pick carefully curated vintage goodness for the ones you love- or for yourself, you deserve it. I'll do group deals on shipping, can calculate lower shipping rates or take group offers. Just drop me a line if you have any questions.

If you're local ask for Booth #4504 at Southern Crossing Antique Mall, I'll be adding more good everyday. Address: 2718 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32205. You can also e-mail to meet up and look at my wares and pick through if you'd like! Clearing out space for the new, give my vintage goods a loving home! I'm even selling my "Famous" often-asked-for Mid Century Modern couch. The whole apartment's getting a fresh start along with my business. Speaking of which...

A Fresh New Business for 2015, Join Me!!!

Thrift Core is changing names January 2015. I'll have more details in a post later this week. I love the new year; I'll take any arbitrary date for positive change. I'm reading self-improvement books, taking notes, and just plain busting ass behind-the-scenes. I'm anxious to help more people get started living the creative, healthy, self-employed lives of their dreams.

Services to Start Living Your Dreams 2015, Stop Putting It Off!: I offer product photography (example above and of course, in my online shop), blog/web/portfolio design services, website advertising and business consulting. I have an eye for design/composition, an organized mind-set for business and over a decade of combined experience making websites and in web marketing. I love using these skills to help others create fresh starts for themselves. Please do e-mail me if you need help with any of the above! I am dedicated to providing the highest quality work and take great pride and pleasure in it.

And an Inspiring Quote for You: Frustrated with your present state of affairs? Goals not reached? Stressed? Think of The Present as a reflection of The Past. It is not who you are right now. Right now you are recognizing the problems from the past so you can learn from them, improve, and move on. From now on focus on the future. Be the change you want to be. It's never too late, start on your future-self right now. This shifts your mind from the negative (Why I am I not 'x'?) to the positive (I WILL be 'x'). You'll have a positive attitude, and that positive attitude will help you be less frustrated and more successful!

With that said...I am off to do some exploring in an abandoned mansion (photos soon!) before a shift at the raw vegan kitchen. Then more writing, crafting, selling, and craziness throughout the week! Many more posts to come, of course!

Update: Yep, I will meet for pick-ups if you're local. Will take offers on ANY item. :)

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