Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jacksonville Magazine's Artsy, Vintage-Filled, Kitschy Creative Offices + A Writer's Reminder

I love a look around any creative space. I live in the urban/creative core of Jacksonville, Florida. Events mean peeks into advertising/graphic design offices or artists studios and nearby quirky bars. I still dream of being a magazines columnist so I was excited to see the inside of Jacksonville Magazine during the Jax by Jax writers event. I live on the same street and often pass the small building; its handsome vintage brick facade juxtaposed with sleek metal lettering and handsome doric columns beguiled and tempted every time I passed. The interior didn't disappoint: 

Jax by Jax (Jacksonville Writers Writing Jacksonville) was a local event that happened up and down my street (yay!) where writers read selections of their work at different venues. I was inspired by the readings of journalism Susan Cooper Eastman (left) a creative local storyteller and Jennifer Chase (right) a talented musician and playwright with an earthy, playful spirit. I saw my style in the Jacksonville Magazine's creative offices; blue walls, industrial and retro touches, big eye art, colorful local art prints, vintage collections and reference magazines displayed! (We have the same taste in art and kitschy things, spot-on.)

The whole experience was further confirmation that I am a creative journalist first and foremost. I see a story to tell in everything, I love to share information, educate, and challenge. And although I don't have a column or magazine of my own yet, I have this wonderful blog here to share peeks into a world most haven't seen and data to help others live healthy/happy lives; with complete editorial freedom  and a happily flexible schedule to boot.

I'm excited to keep sharing creativity in this space! The ideas have been free flowing and this event certainly contributed to the current snowball.

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