Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Make This: Easy 3-Step DIY Modern Art Vinyl Record Bowl in Minutes (Great Gift)

Crafting a record bowl is a rewarding way to scratch the artsy itch for a busy "maker" like yourself. In minutes you have a piece of surrealist modern art. Make one and you'll be hooked. Make more for your friends, nieces, nephews, moms, dads, cats, dogs, the mailman, the taxman, baker, and candlestick-maker. Ah, so satisfying... you know you wanna.

Step 1) Preheat your over to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, no higher, to avoid leaking toxic fumes.

Step 2) Set the record atop an over-proof bowl and heat it for two minutes.

Step 3) Your record will set in seconds so do this fast: using over mitts, remove the bowl with record atop it from the oven. Stuff your record into the bowl you'd like it to be shaped like. (Have it beside the oven if it's not oven-proof or heat your record on top of the bowl your going to use and simply flip and use it.)

In a few minutes later your bowl will be fully hard and ready to use.

Make of that what you will. 

Fill your gorgeous creation with colorful balls of yarn, make it a planter for non-edibles (present a record bowl planted with succulents or cacti to a friend- the cutes, it hurts), or simply display it as a piece of "modern art".  The bowl could leach polyvinyl chloride into food so I'd skip it as a serving dish despite the temptation.

I'm using my creations to wrangle twine/tape for packing my Etsy orders and to wrangle small electronics and wires in sexy DIY style. It's a striking catch-all for fruit with peels, wrapped candy, and jewelry, too.

Watching the records melt and the resulting wavy-lined bowls recall Salvador Dali's famous melting clock motif. I made several but my favorite two had wide-spaced "petals" that are gorgeously asymmetrical, it emphasizes that kinetic "melting" affect.

In minutes you can pretend you've made something worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Dali; hell yes. More. Melt all the records! Be a modern artist in minutes! Records can be found by the box or for 50 cents to a dollar and many yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Working Christmas Gift DIYS? I have a couple more fun record-related ones to come.
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  1. Always wondered how this was done. Interesting!

  2. I've seen the center labels cut out for coasters. Also squares of the cover cut and used for covers of journals. My record collection cringes at all this art

    1. I'm working on the coasters. I don't use records that are part of my collection.

    2. Oh yeh I think I was going to ad to the post: I used to think this craft and t-shirt cutting was blasphemy but years later I have worked through that, haha. It would be especially good for very damaged records.

  3. This is awesome, gonna try! Also wanna make a clock out of a vinyl.

  4. That record bowl would look groovy holding bangles and earrings. Great idea!

    1. I like the idea of bangles sorted inside, too :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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