Wednesday, August 5, 2015

June to August Goals + Finally Getting Ahead, Banishing Chaos, and New Businesses

It's been a crazy-busy past few months with the requisite ups-and-downs. One day shit really hit the fan and nearly everything that could have gone wrong went down. I had a cry, let off some steam, and gave myself a couple of days to ignore gym/work pressures so I could get my home and life chaos under control. I went back to planning every single action step for my goals, deep organized my apartment, donated a bunch of items, and implemented some more feng shui. It was a massive help! With life feeling better-planned and clear, I know I'll accomplish the list below for August. I'm grateful for the day of pain, it made me shift priorities, push through, and work harder!

August Goals

1. Get The New Websites Up (Two advertising new services, one for the soap biz) By 8/8/15! Aaah! 

2. Get The New Business Cards in my hand by 8/8/15!

3. Make One More Soap Loaf (Eczema soap)

4. Make The Face Lotion

5. Make the Face Serum

6. All Current Products Labeled

7. All Current Products Photo'd and on the Site

8. Make One More Soap Loaf (Eczema soap)

9. Make The Face Lotion

10. Finish the other soap-making headquarters (before/after photos to come)

11. Buy some whole living and plant goodies + shoot the indie grower while I'm there getting plants!

12. Get posts for August done, already got a head start!

13. Make Time to Work on eBooks

14. Paint the art pieces I keep putting off! The house ones first, prints if there's time.

Always Ongoing: (1) Soap Biz (2) Herbalism School (3) Feng Shui-ing and Decluttering my apartment (4) Weight Training (5) Exploring Nature / New Places (6) Planning ahead daily (7) Writing/Note-Taking

There shall be hundreds of bath bombs! These are patchouli and lemongrass. They smell heavenly!

June Goals

1. Have at least 2 body core work days per week
2. Finish all planned products by July 1st (the pain!)
3. Host a successful group clean-up day (more on this later)
4. Schedule at least one Green Lotus work day per week.
5. Get posts for the month done ahead of time.
6. Log some long hours in early on so I can make the month's bills: then play more!
7. Get to the library to write and study once a week. Studied at home, still counts, I say!!!
8. Continue to make detailed business plans through this year and into the next five years.
9. Work on local market display. Make it super informative!
10. Enjoy the hell out of Savannah Georgia (hotel already scheduled - e-mail me if you have any recommendations?

July Goals

1. Get the soap-making supplies and excess shelves to mom's house couldn't fit two shelves, will do soon
2. Give away the last of the Thrift Core vintage goodness (nearly all of it was purchased in a bulk buy)
3. Re-plant my pretty succulents and de-disease my pothos. 
4. Prep for The Summer Bad Movie Tea and Drinks Party! Planned, next, order the stuff!
5. Move and re-hang my white shelves
6. Finish Planning Posts 3 Months Ahead

New Services Coming: I made business planning, branding, product design, web design and product photography packages that I'll share soon! I even have a couple of home/business organization clients lined up and want to make that an available service, too. In the near future I'll also take clients for nutrition and herbalism but for now, I can fulfill custom orders for any skin issues. Send me an e-mail if you're interested in hitting me up for any services. It may sound confusing now, but it will all be spelled out clearly soon! These have been very busy but exciting times, big changes are coming and things keep improving!

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