Friday, August 21, 2015

Kawaii Ceramics in Japan's Beautiful 100-Yen Stores: A Cup Fetishist's Dream Shop

I'm sitting here sipping coffee from a Japanese 100-yen store (or, dollar store) coffee cup, taking a break from a grueling nearly 3-day straight home purge following the KonMari method to a T. (You can see previews on my Instagram here, here, and here.) I'll update next week, but god damn, this method really is life-changing! What better way to reflect on a job nearly complete (I will not stop until it's done. Today!) then looking back at gorgeously organized 100-yen store shelves? None other for this nerd!

I have a mug fetish. I could open a 100-yen store full of kawaii ceramics in America or even a mug museum and live a satisfied life. Then the mini-food one next to it. I am woman of weird obsessions!

I have explored the psychological reasons why I am obsessed with mugs and have arrived at three things: 1) my obsession with making fancy teas/coffee- I imagine the vessel filled with my experiments (2) My love of ceramics, making them is one of my fondest memories and I'm excited to take classes on it in the future. (3) My desire to open a cafe/tea/herb shop. It may never happen, right now is certainly not the right time, but I dream of it often.

When I made my dream trip to Japan I knew I would just let myself go in the 100-yen stores. "I may never make it back, I would bring a pretty piece of Japan back for EVERYONE!" I mentally declared. And I did.

One of my favorite pieces broke, but for the most part, I still cherish what I bought home. Seeing those ceramics on the shelves fills me with such a dorky glee. I'm excited to eventually make similar elegant (and of course, kawaii, Japanese-style dinosaurs cups, anyone?) mugs of my own in the future.

With any luck, I'll make it back to Japan to buy more.

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