Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Little Things That Make Life Special: Minis I Covet From Etsy Right Now

Now that my home is blissfully, finally, completely clutter-free (nope, I cannot shut up about that Kon Marie method, hopefully my epic "Kon Marie Journey" post on Monday will put it all to rest!) I feel confident slowly brining in little pieces that can make it complete. Here are the little bits I'm into right now, they're little details that make a package, present, or home a bit more special:

1) Cement Camera Planter a beautiful little piece I'd love to fill with propagated succulents
2) Tiny fortune cookie charm necklace The only jewelry I'm drawn to are silver with tiny charms.
3) Vintage Skin Sign I may have to re-create this for my soap booth, perfect!
4) Spirit Guides Print Gorgeous and creative
5) Vintage Display Case Perfect for keeping collections/supplies protected and dust-free.
6) Jellyfish Anatomy Chart it would go with my identical cuttlefish one
7) Japanese Monsters Only $2! Must have for my packages/presents/letters/all-the-things.
8) Ceramic Sponge Rest this is brilliant and beautiful. Eco-friendly, extends sponge life.
9) Do Not Bend I'm collecting stamps for my soap packages. Oh, details! They fill me with glee.
10) Swimmers I love night swimming! I want to do it every night.
11) Lovers Sleeping Want this above the bed. Makes me smile and think of AJ.
12) Abstract Art Piece into obtaining/making abstracts lately.
13) Ceramic Pottery and learning ceramics is definitely on my to-do list!
14) Neko Stickers more stick details for letters/presents/packages
15) Conservatory this looks like my dream apothecary/greenhouse/store/creative space. One day.
16) PDFS I need these prints for wrapping orders/organizers! These .pdfs could work.
17) Fish Print I adore the juxtaposition of colors in this print. Beautiful.
18) Mod Wrapping Paper More wrapping paper I'd use for gifts/orders
19) Ultimate "details" piece! Japanese library label stickers! Again, for orders/gifts/letters.

I use Etsy every day for work so I'm always "window shopping" gorgeous handmade/vintage on there, but never buying. I'm looking forward to supporting my fellow artists and getting well-loved packages in the mail soon! (And of course, shipping out cute packages of my own. I worked from 12:30PM TO 4:00AM STRAIGHT last night on the biz, shit's getting did! I am Working Day and Night. and love it! Don't look at my face anytime soon, the under-eye bags, they're atrocious.)

And now, off to catch-up on a boat load of homework for Master Herbalist, Advanced Aromatherapy, and Pet Aromatherapy! And then hopefully some product photos, the client product photo editing! Caffeine and focus time!

What have you been saving for/coveting lately? For me right now, it's obviously all about the small details! I have a round-up of whole living wants coming up next. Making lists keeps me inspired to raise income!
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