Friday, August 28, 2015

Wekiwa Marina Orlando Adventure: Ghosts, Bad Luck, Sunshine, Fate and Friends.

I had a lovely trip to the Winterpark/Orlando/Wekiva area of central Florida this past weekend. Marianne and I went to visit Ruth for her birthday. (We haven't seen her since the last trip about a year ago!) I loved it despite a Bad Luck Spirit following our every move! First, my cell phone was stolen, then Ruth's fiance, Huy, accidentally hit AJ's car (which I'd borrowed, he didn't even care when I told him, by the by, I love that guy) backing out of the driveway (he was sober). After that, we decided to stay in watching movies instead of going out to drink. (No more ammunition for the Bad Luck Spirit!) We watched terrifying short horror films on YouTube then freaked each other out with "real-life" ghost stories (Huy's ghost stories from Vietnam...terrifying.) We discussed the possibilities of fate (Marianne, Ruth, and I have been best friends since about age 10 and all of our moms were adopted, just one of many interesting coincidences); it was a beautiful night of bonding.

The next day, after the creepy convos, it was nice to spend a day in the sunshine! The Wekiva Marina near Ruth's house in Orlando was absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen such a stylish hangout by a river, they're usually just rustic, not the contrived (beautiful) set-up I witnessed that day. I loved the tin juxtaposed with aged turquoise painted wood and nautical touches; a lot of money and a designer's eye went into making the place look so consistent. You can have a beer at the bar, grab lunch, rent kayaks or just sit on the ledge with your feet in the water, enjoying your drink.

This spot was dog-friendly so I was enjoying the hell out of petting everyone's animals and swimming with dogs ones brave enough to jump in to the river. Beautiful, friendly dogs everywhere and swimming, my version of heaven. It was thee perfect way to end an interesting weekend!

Even the bathrooms were perfectly designed!

I didn't bring my SLR, didn't want to risk that getting lost or damaged too, so these photos are a mix from Ruth's camera phone that I edited in post and images from this website! If you're ever in the area, it's a fun spot to stop in and relax at! And it was a much-needed break for relaxing with old friends. I worked non-stop leading up to the trip and after. I love working hard, then playing hard, the fun feels much more earned. Next year for Ruth's 30th we're plotting a giant, epic adventure. Time to start saving up! Our next plotted adventures on the agenda: Weeki Wachee Springs (retro with live mermaid performances), Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, and South Florida Weekend visit!

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