Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Top 10 Whole Living and Green Wish List Goods for the Holidays + New Years

The latest electronics are one of the biggest sellers for Christmas, but I'm going to make a wish-list, it's going to be related to the most important investment; health! I read on the topic and research the best whole living-related gadgets and goods year-round, these are a few of the things worthy of Christmas and New Years gift-giving contemplation:

1) Berkey Water Filters: I currently drink tap water, but no longer want the impurities. I've looked around and Berkey Water Filters look like the best bet, they purify water while leaving in the minerals and you don't have to change the internal filters for years!

2) Shower Floss: Many holistic dentists recommend water picks for flossing (it's gentler) over regular floss. Shower floss is easy to install and keeps the water pick mess off of your bathroom counter.

3) Water Chef Shower Filter I can't tell which shower filter would be the best, if someone has recommendations, please e-mail me with them! In North Florida (possibly all of Florida?) we have THE HARDEST WATER EVER. My hair curly hair is dry and brittle enough as is, I'd love a shower filter for less exposure to impurities and for hair/skin health.

4) Wooden Bath Mat I can't use my regular standard bath mat Everyone else with a cat may understand why! I think a wooden one would fare better against cat abuse. Plus, pretty. Upcycled/green would be best with this mat but the ones that look like Geta sandals (slatted and raised from the ground) look uncomfortable!

5) Eden's Garden Complete Essential Oil Set: It's a "wish' list, so let's dream! For reasons I'll get more into later, I'm not a fan of Dottera or Young Living essential oils, they are high quality essential oils, but their pushy multi-level marketing sales tactics doesn't gel with me. Also, some of their info...incorrect. Eden's Garden has therapeutic (medicinal) grade, high quality essential oils for less! (Check out Essential Oils 101 for more info.)

6) Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser: According to my research, this essential oil diffuser is the best. Instead of the water or heat based method for distributing the oils, it's a nebulizing type that uses an atomizer to disperse tiny essential oil particles into the air. The result lasts for hours even after running the atomizer for a short period.

7) Earthing Accessories: How about one of everything in Earthing? Or at least a less-expensive bedsheet or grounding mat? The concept is slightly woo-woo; in theory, these mats help us pick up on the earth's natural electricity giving us energy. It makes a little bit of sense to me since evolutionarily, we are meant to be barefoot and outside, not inside, always shod, and never in contact with soil. I'm not sold on the concept but if we're talking "wish" list, I'd love to try the sheet and mat and detect if energy increases from my skeptic's perspective.

8) Breville Masticating Slow Juicer: I miss juicing! I get rid of my standard one because it's a nightmare to clean! Slow juicers are easier to clean and produce a healthier juice. Saving up for one of these!

9) Vibrance Essential Oil Blend: Ann Marie Gianni recently sent me samples of their new Essential Oil Blends to try. My favorite was Vibrance. It's light, bright and citrusy!

10) Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up: Marie Kondo's second book will be released soon! I am definitely going to order a copy! The method revolutionized my home and work flow, I even want to do a second method!

*Note: A couple of the Amazon links are affiliate links, but nothing in this post is an ad or paid opinion. I always share my honest reviews and opinions!

If you have ethical suppliers/clothing retailers and/or whole living products to share I'd LOVE if you sent me an e-mail and let me know! I'm always looking out for them!

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