Monday, December 14, 2015

Pour and Melt Chakra Soap DIY: Color, Chakras, and Aromatherapy All at Once!

I've almost written it off before, but my heart has completely changed regarding pour-and-melt soap. Pour-and-melt soap can be an excellent delivery system for healing herbs, carrier and essential oils and supplements. They're also a fun creative outlet, the sky's the limit for what you can do with this method. For Christmas I wanted to make a beautiful soap set with meaning that was also healing and devised these Chakra melt-and-pour aromatherapeutic soaps. Infused with essential oils associated with each Chakra symbol, using and smelling them is an uplifting, even spiritual, experience.

Ingredients For Melt and Pour Chakra Soap...or Any Pour-And-Melt Soap

1) Chakra Soap Molds: Or any molds depending on desired shape. You can use silicone baking molds.
2) Essential or Fragrance Oils of choice
3) Clear Pour-and-Melt Glycerine Soap
4) Mica Colorant Powders: Invest in the primaries and you can mix them to make any colors
5) Infrared Thermometer Gun (optional, but helps preserve expensive fragrances)
6) Small Bowls, heat-proof
7) A microwave OR double-boiler set up (I put a tiny bowl in a pot of water, easy peasy)
8) Something to stir the soap, like a spoon or metal stick

How to Make Your Chakra- Or Any- Pour and Melt Soap

Step 1) If you're using a double-boiled method where you have a bowl (which will hold your pour-and-melt soap) in a pot on the stove, start to heat your water. The water should go up to about half of the bowl. I bought the water to a boil then returned the heat to medium to keep the water warm.

Step 2) Cut your glycerin soap into small cubes for swifter melting. The mold I used took about 1/3 cup of loosely packed soap cubes per individual chakra soap. Sprinkle your mica powder on top. you won't need more than 1/8 of a teaspoon to color it, a little bit goes a long way with mica powder! You can even start by adding pinches at a time if you want to preserve your mica pigment.

Step 3) Add your cubes to the bowl. Stir in your mica powder once it starts to melt so everything is evenly colored and incorporated.

Step 4) Once your soap is completely melted swiftly pour it into your mold. It's better to slowly heat your soap so it doesn't get to hot because that can burn off your essential oils. More on that below...

Step 5) Use your infrared gun here to test the temperature before adding a few drops of your essential or fragrance oil. Each fragrance and essential oil has a flash point, if your soap is too hot it can burn off your expensive oils! For the sake of experimentation I added oils to my soaps a couple of minutes after pouring them into the mold without my thermometer to see if the oils would stick. They are still nice and fragrant, you may not burn off your oils if you don't check first.

Step 6) It's recommended to let your soap dry overnight for easier removal, but I removed mine within a couple of hours. It was tricky until I flipped the soap around (pour-in side down) and pressed down on the center of each soap.

It's not (too) hard to whip up beautiful soaps for the holidays if you already have, some silicone baking molds on hand. Last year I made and gift cute star and gingerbread soaps. Pour-and-melt soap base is not as complex or perhaps and healing and completely chemical-free as making your own cold-process soaps, but it's a fun way to make fragrant, beautiful soaps for yourself and/or for friends and family!

I love holding and smelling these soaps and that the scents chosen are associated with the appropriate chakra. It's relaxing, and the bright colors make me happy, too.

Getting any holiday crafting or shopping done? I have a few more fun ideas to share, but so far, this one has been a favorite!
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  1. Wow I love these! I think you could have small kits with ingredients so people could buy them and make their own without any work of finding all materials.

    1. Yep, we devise kits. The problem is the molds are quite expensive but we could work around that.

  2. Vanessa, this is such a sweet and unique gift idea! I'd love to make them, however, I doubt I can find cute chakra molds like yours. Pinning!

    1. Oops, I didn't get the chance to link to supplies with this post. They're here:

  3. This is such a great gift idea! They are beautiful and I'm sure they have wonderful fragrances.

    1. If only you could smell them through the screen :) I was going to go more into the types used for each Chakra but meh, I suppose that's a google search away or topic for a future post.

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