Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Discover Thanksgiving Savings at Your Thrift Store

Thrift stores have every Thanksgiving essential imaginable, and even a few turkey-day fundamentals you didn't consider.

1) Travel Supplies: Find vintage and contemporary suitcases for a fragment of their retail price.

2) Guest Bedroom Accessories: Make out-of-town guests feel at home. Buy sheets, pillow cases, and accessories for the guest bedroom from the thrift store.

3) Stemware: It's hard to toast with paper cups. Thrift stores have beautiful wine glasses and stemware for cheap. If a guest breaks one it's no biggie, the cups only cost .50 cents.

4) Fabric Napkins and Napkin Rings: Get your fancy on for cheap, thrift stores carry fabric napkins and napkin rings for pocket change.

5) Gravy Boat: Thrift stores have beautiful vintage ones in abundance. It's not Thanksgiving without gravy!

6) Turkey Baster: If you don't have one, the thrift store does.

7) Vases: Hold your Thanksgiving table bouquet in a vase from the thrift store.

8) Table Cloths and Runners: Thanksgiving cuisine is more tantalizing against a beautiful table cloth backdrop.

9) Candle Holders/Candles/Votive: I always see both candles and candle holders at the thrift store.

10) Dinnerware and Tupperware: Thrift stores always have beautiful sets of dinnerware for a low price. Tupperware is for your hopefully abundant leftovers, yum.

I dare you to hit up the thrift stores this weekend and save money this Thanksgiving. Try this guide on finding local thrift store holiday sales to save even more. Go forth, my children, and pursue the deals like rabid deal-seeking cougars!

What do YOU buy second hand for the Holiday season?
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  1. i bought my sterling upcycled-spoon napkin rings at a flea market. love them! these are good thoughts... i will definitely buy anything i need for the holidays from thrift shops and not new, for budgetary AND environmental reasons!

  2. I forgot to mention the ever-important environmental reasons as well, good call! There's too much stuff available for free or for pocket change to even conceive of buying little bits like napkin rings at full retail price!

  3. Love it!! I love all of your ideas... and I love your blog :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. Thank you for the sweet word Kelly! I hope this post will be helpful for you!

  5. Actually, I just bought a vintage turkey platter! It's great (and huge), and I got it for $12.99!


  6. Sue, you must share photos of said vintage turkey platter! We've been using the same plastic vintage turkey platter for years. Perhaps ubiquitous, it is white and features the design of a cheesy hat-wearing turkey!

  7. Wonderful ideas!!

    Come and see my latest find, would love your comments, I will also have a new giveaway soon!

    Art by Karena

  8. What a good idea to focus on all of these necessities-- I'd add a platter, too :).

  9. so true, van... there's a lot of ways to be thrifty over the holidays. (and i just found two vintage pyrex gravy boats which will be making their debut in december! ... we've already had our thanksgiving here.)

    thanks for sharing these ideas!

  10. Hi visiting you from Ana's archive dive
    Great ideas and maybe I shouldn't wait so long to go back to the thrift store!


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