Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Organization: The Bedroom Attack

This weekend I tackle my nemesis, The Bedroom. I don't want to paint the walls since I should be moving in about three months, yet I want to quickly add color and whimsy before I go.

 [We meet again, vile Bedroom!]

The Bedroom Plans: Brighten up the Bedroom on a Budget!

  • Hang colorful paper lanterns
  • Use these Fall Organization Tips
  • Create an accent wall with fabric
  • Create gallery walls from already-owned art bits
  • Get help to nail art into impenetrable plaster walls 

I'll be Thrifting (Or Dumpster Diving) For...

  • Night stands
  • Curtains
  • An area rug (haha, good luck!)
  • Interesting art pieces

The Bedroom Story

This is the one room in the house I've never liked. This is its story:

Even the legendary Curbly wrote about my bedroom. I love Curbly, but why not write about my living room? I like that room!

I'm excited to thrift for household essentials, christmas gifts, and now bedroom goods this weekend! I'll whip that bastard into shape once and for all. The battle begins!

What Will YOU be hunting for this weekend?
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  1. your bedroom has come a long way. i like the desk space, very inviting. looking forward to the next reveal for this bedroom.

    happy friday, van.

  2. Thank you Ana, I hope the next one will be very colorful...and final!

  3. woo hoo!! I love making over rooms. I've probably said this before, but dumpster diving/thrifting is going to be the main part of decorating my apartment when I move.

    Good luck!

  4. Van, what a transformation! I love what you've done so far. For some reason living rooms and kitchens seem to fall in place so easily in makeovers, but bedrooms seem all the more time consuming. Maybe there's just too many opportunities for decor? Who knows!?

    Good luck with future bedroom re-do's.

    This weekend I am hoping to find some pretty jars or containers for a few Christmas craft ideas. Also a sticker maker. I'm really doubting I'll luck into that one. But I guess we'll see!

  5. I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. I just found yours today and I love it. I'm right in the middle of Fall clean out. Love the post. Look forward to reading more;)

  6. Moe: I LOVE dumpster diving best of all, it's give an item a second chance and save money, too!

    Jackie: I think I might just run out of all the cool stuff but the time I get to my bedroom! Good luck trying to find a sticker maker!

    Nikki: Good luck with your fall cleaning, it seems to be a trend right now! Clearing up in anticipation of cold-weather-days indoors? :)

  7. New follower via Boost My Blog Friday :)
    Jen @ My Secret Home

  8. Good luck...I KNOW it can be done. ;)

    I'm following from FFF!

    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  9. It's come a long way. I bet you'll have good luck thrifting, people in my town seem to be purging.

  10. Kim: This is the funnest time to go thrifting!

  11. I have the exact same problem: I hate the bedroom, but I will probably be moving in the Spring and I can't be bothered to paint. I decided that the color red would liven things up, so I bought a red, toile comforter, some red, silky curtains from IKEA, and I added one of my 1950's chalkware lamps of an Asian woman with a red silk lampshade. Now my bedroom looks like a brothel. I can't win. I hate my bedroom!

  12. Mary: Well, at least we're moving in the Spring! We'll keep fussing until we get it right. A bedroom needs to be comfortable!

  13. Bedrooms are tough! I'm jealous of the size of yours, though. I did an accent wall with my trusty staple gun a year ago and I'm looking to update it soon- will be on the hunt for cool tapestries and panels this week. Re: area rug. I found an awesome one at Brown Elephant in the spring. Glad you reminded me of it. It lived outside during warmer months and I meant to get it cleaned and bring it inside. Now I'll get to it!

  14. Love a great thrifty find! Good stuff! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by hallelujahsbyholly and taking the time to comment! I'm your new follower!


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  16. I'm not a huge rummager (usually it's just kid stuff, which does not apply to me), but a friend of mine scored an awesome area rug this summer from a rummage in an upscale neighborhood. I think she got it for around $30 and it's HUGE, 8 x 10 or so, practically new AND it came with a pad (and those are SO expensive). I was jeal for sure!

    Good luck hunting!


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