Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 3 Reasons to Thrift During the Holidays

'Tis the season to be thrifting. You're more likely to find home essentials, gifts, and anything else you could ever need while thrifting during the holiday season.

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1. More people donate during the "Season of Giving"

Which means thrift stores are usually bursting with inventory this time of year.

2. Rich Folks are Cleaning House

Well, not just the rich folk, but they're the ones donating the nicest stuff no doubt. Donations increase as people purge and prepare for the new year. This is a good time to swoop and find a wide variety of merchandise at the thrift store.

3. Huge Holiday Sales

Thanksgiving Sales, Black Friday Sales, End-of-the-Year Clearances: thrift stores always have amazing deals during the Holidays. You'll get amazing merchandise for pocket change.

This is part of my unofficial series of Thrifting Tips for the Holidays, for more tips see:

How Do You Save Money During the Holidays? 

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    1. I'm all for this! I went to 3 over the weekend and spent hours sorting through all the great bargains!

    2. It's worth it to spend hours sorting to find the good stuff.

      I forgot to mention:
      This weekend I donated three boxes to the thrift store. The store was stuffed to the max, boxes were piled up outside the store! Great time to dig for goodies.

    3. All true!

      RE #1: It isn't just the season of giving ... it is the end of the tax year! In order to deduct charitable donations on their 2010 returns, people donate like crazy at the end of the year to squeak in my the deadline.

      Also, it's a great time to buy holiday decor from thrift stores! That stuff can be get very expensive, very fast when purchased new. Thrift stores often even stock wrapping paper and holiday cards. November is usually when they roll out their seasonal inventory, so if you celebrate (or just decorate for) Christmas, especially, it is worth checking out what your favorite thrift stores have saved up for the season.

    4. They just opened a new thrift store blocks from my house and that is where I will be doing the majority of my Christmas shopping. My husband is having surgery in January and will miss 6 weeks of work. We'll need to save every penny we can!

    5. Vileornament: All very good points!

      Jeanette: I love thrifting for x-mas gifts, sometimes you find more unique gifts than you would for retail prices.

    6. Awesome advice!

      Just popping in from the Wedndesday hop & I'm now following. Stop by when you get a chance!

      living well, spending less

    7. yes.. year end sales are happening..
      and this the opportunity to save money instead of buying at full price.
      going holiday on affordable budget is a great treat too.

      - Thrift Holidays -


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