Monday, November 8, 2010

Thrift Share: Household Essentials

Last week I wrote about buying thanksgiving essentials from the thrift store. I followed the rules and bought a few Thanksgiving and household essentials for ridiculously low prices.

It takes only one evening of wine shared with paper cups to realize wine glasses can be advantageous.This is my first set. Each cup cost 50 cents.

I found a set of assorted vintage hangers at the thrift store but left them behind, determined to thrift for "only the essentials". These hangers haunted me, I kept thinking of practical uses for them.

Of course, I returned to the thrift store for them a week later! I paid $2.00 for 15 vintage hangers. I'll reveal what I'm using them for soon!

I was immediately attracted to the strong shape of these teacups. I appreciate the modern geometric design, the ample white space on the tea cup canvas, and how there is a print on both the inside and the outside of the cup.

The bottom of these unique tea cups read:


Does anyone have leads on what era these cups could be from?

These tea cups are a delight to use. The handle is flat at the top, a perfect spot for your thumb to rest while holding the cup.

These green "leaf" glasses are a gift for my friend. They were 50 cents each. 

Above is the only real thrift purchase of the weekend (everything else shown is from Wednesday of last week). It's my first real coffee table. It's solid wood, and it's nearly exactly what I've been looking for.

At 4 feet wide it's a bit bigger than my coffee-table vision, but the perfect size to accommodate friends as we gather around it to craft, snack, and use laptops like the PC nerds we are. I love its clean lines and how it looks like a Japanese dining table. I know ample servings of tea and pounds of popcorn will be consumed from this table.

What did you find at the thrift store this weekend?

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  1. Nice finds... I wnt thrifting this weekend and found the MOTHER of all thrifty finds (for me)... I am going to be posting it later.

  2. Great finds! I love the tea cups too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lauren- Can't wait to read about your finds!

    Amy- Glad you like the teacups, too. I'm trying to find more information on the interesting print!

  4. Love your finds....but am entranced by your living room! So adorable and colorful! Stan

  5. The kind words on the living room mean a lot coming from you, Stan!

    A full tour of the living room (and before/after) can be seen here:

  6. They aren't tea cups, they're coffee cups, and they are probably from a 1980's china set. And they are way cool.

  7. Fabulous finds--especially that coffee table! We had a new Goodwill open this weekend, and it was so crowded, I couldn't even get in! I'm going back today to scout out all the goodies!

  8. Very nice finds! I didn't thrift this weekend. But did some retail clearance sales buying. Love your coffee table, nice! Yes wine glasses are uber cheap at the thrift, you did well.

  9. Barbara- Well that explains why I've ever seen tea cups like these! Next, I will use them for coffee!

    Mercedes Scott- I can't imagine a thrift store so crowded you can't even get in. I'm a little cared of the Black Friday Thrift Store sales now. (But -just a little-!)

  10. Some nice finds - I like the coffee cups a lot, the shapes are nice. We didn't get to hit the thrifts too much this weekend, but found a few goodies last week, hope to make a post about them soon.

  11. Nice finds, Van! I had a thriftacular weekend too. I visited four different thrift stores in Philly and found lovely vintage fabric, a few cute outfits (including an old-school red with white trim rain slicker), a book from 1916 about gender and marriage and a truly horrifying painting that I just had to own.

    Also, I perused a flea market in Freehold, NJ yesterday where we three blog creators collectively spent a good $160 on quality finds.

    All-in-all it was a great weeekend.

    By the way, love your coffee table!

  12. Great cups! The coffee table's a real find, too. Looks like it fits your space and needs perfectly.

  13. I'm loving that coffee table. But I'm loving your couch even more. *DROOL*

  14. Jackie: Your haul sounds amazing, ESPECIALLY the old-school red rain slicker!

    Alyssa: It was a little bigger than I anticipated but I LOVE using it. It might replace the dining room table, it's that awesome.

    Amanda: The mid century modern couch was a lucky Craigslist find, I typed in "mid century modern" and there she was, for the low price of $200!

  15. What great essentials you held out for. I'm going to check out your other post.

  16. I can't look at anything but that amazing couch! What a find!

  17. Enjoyed your post very much! My goal when I go thrifting is to buy well-made items that I actually will use. You seem to do this, too. Great-looking living space.

  18. I have a set of thrifted vintage hangers of that style too, which I have yet to do something with. I'm interested to see how you used yours.

    Also, you have a really great couch :)

  19. If you are still interested in identifying the china, try , they offer free identification.


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